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Create Applications using Spreadsheet Calculations

Most businesses use Excel spreadsheets to build applications and automate various business calculations. Sales quoting, ROI calculators, product configurators, rules engines are only few examples of such applications. With our integration, you can build an interface to run these applications directly from your board, or utilize the user interface and additional features of an existing Designer application created on SpreadsheetWeb.

Depending on what kind of a user interface you would like on your board, you can select from two SpreadsheetWeb integrations:

  1. SpreadsheetWeb Apps: Allows integration of SpreadsheetWeb application with user interface inside, along with any additional features, like print or email.
  2. SpreadsheetWeb: Allows using spreadsheet calculations in the back-end and write results into your board.

To use either integration method, you need a account and a SpreadsheetWeb account. If you are just evaluating, you can signup for a free 14-day SpreadsheetWeb trial account here. Let’s get started!