System Fields in Dashboards

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System fields in dashboards, such as status labels, index, group, or notes that are associated with the records saved under a web application, can be customized from this page. This way, you can quickly track the status of each record in the workflow.

System fields can be found under the Data section of the Edit/Create Chart menu. For more information about system fields saved in the database, see columns.

Status Fields

Record status related fields can be found under the main table. CurrentStatusIndex and CurrentStatusName fields represent the StatusIndex / StatusName respectively, but will only give the parameters for the currently active version of a record, which usually means the latest one.


The StatusIndex and StatusName fields pull the status of all records ever created under this application. SpreadsheetWEB keeps all versions of each record, meaning that when a record is first created, and then edited, the initial version will be kept in the database, but will not be active or visible in the Data page. In this case, the system will display a record history rather than only the currently active records.