Version 6.12

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  • Added Designer runtime support for internationalization of number formatting (e.g. 1,000.00 vs 1 000,00 vs 1.000,00). This can be configured per-application.
  • Added Designer support for dynamic images to be exported to print process documents (from attachments).
  • Added Designer support for Salesforce integration through a Salesforce connector that can be used to create and update Leads.
  • Added Designer support for Dropbox integration through a Dropbox connector that can be associated with print and export processes to push those contents to a given Dropbox location.
  • Added Designer support for Slack integration through a Slack connector that can be associated with a button event to push dynamic messages to a Slack channel.
  • Added Designer grid support for dynamic headers (i.e. headers controlled by formulas in the workbook).
  • Added Control Panel support for pulling user profile images from gravatar.



  • Updated the Add New Column database user interface to be more intuitive for print process binding.
  • Preventing the use of “File” as a name for database columns since it can cause issues during migration.
  • Moved all Stripe connector messages to the core runtime text to allow user-based configuration.
  • Preventing closure of modal box for form-based input grids by clicking outside of the modal.
  • Added support for searching in core runtime text overrides by the message description, as well as the key.
  • Updated input and output grid design-time button configuration to be done through a multi-select dropdown, rather than a series of checkboxes.
  • Updated input grids to retain first character when cell is selected and user begins typing.
  • Added a stub injector into the summernote control (i.e. static email body in email processes, content control, Dropbox connector) to more easily input named range stubs.
  • Added support for dragging and dropping controls directly into the main staging area in the user interface designer. It will automatically create a row around the new control.
  • Updated the print process document stubs grid to allow re-ordering via drag and drop.
  • Preventing creation of designer applications that include a space at the end of the name.
  • Resolved an issue with dropdown default value not being set appropriately (scenario-based).
  • Resolved an issue with EU date mask type in designer input grids.
  • Resolved an issue with visualization windows repeatedly increasing in size when the page is repeatedly refreshed (i.e. repetitive clicking of the tab).
  • Resolved an issue with Cartogram map not printing in print process document.
  • Resolved an issue with duplicate option button items when values were datetimes.
  • Resolved some rounding issues with percentage mask inputs.
  • Resolved an issue when loading telephone masked inputs on records where the numbers would show up in a different order than the original value.
  • Resolved an issue with dropdown control and percentage options with formatted list options when those values would be in scientific notation.
  • Resolved an issue where hidden columns would cause input and output grid column tooltips to be mismatched.
  • Resolved an issue with stylesheets disappearing on published transactions after being modified on new WIP transactions.
  • Resolved an issue with the query builder module complex (multi-composite key) JOIN operations not respecting all keys.
  • Resolved an issue with multiple documents flushing to the UI when print process was attached to an email process but not to the user interface.
  • Disallowing animated charts and maps to be bound to print processes.
  • Resolved an issue with checkbox text not respecting vertical alignment for Toggle style.
  • Resolved an issue where standard and tile map legends are displayed regardless of the setting.
  • Resolved an issue with Cartogram map legend being clipped.
  • Resolved an issue with default format for tooltips.
  • Resolved an issue with stylesheet templates and multiselect radio buttons.
  • Converted all design-time dropdowns from select to select2.
  • Resolved a series of various minor issues with the template stylesheets.
  • Resolved a series of various minor issues with form-based input grids and metadata formatting.
  • Corrected a typo in the User Interface Design menu error message.


  • Significantly improved performance of shared formulas (i.e. re-used formulas) throughout the workbook.
  • Resolved an issue with applications being repeatedly closed out when max memory size is set to zero. This would cause issues with applications that rely on state (e.g. formula-based inputs).

Control Panel

  • Preventing duplicate server requests that can occur on Sites, Application, and User creation pages. This was caused by a quirk in the built-in button controls.
  • Resolved an issue with buttons not being clickable in Applications page gallery mode on mobile devices.
  • Added user profile images to the Users page next to the username.

Web Service

  • Preventing a scenario where multiple historical versions of the same record could be set to active simultaneously.


  • Added vertical overflow options for the Text control.
  • Resolved an issue with bar, column, and combo chart multiples not including default gap width.
  • Resolved an issue with combo chart multiples overlapping with titles, y-axis values, and bars.
  • Resolved an issue with bubble diagram with multiples overlapping with titles.
  • Resolved an issue with Sankey diagram and matrix diagram with multiples not all loading.
  • Resolved an issue with Treemap diagram minimum and maximum values missing on the legend.
  • Resolved an issue with sunburst diagram with multiples loading as blank.
  • Resolved an issue with chord and bubble diagrams with multiples group and values showing in the legend.
  • Resolved an issue where dashboard freezes if redirecting to a tab where only a text visualization has been created.
  • Resolved an issue with tab background not being recalculated for the whole tab after dashboard relayout.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause duplicate filters to appear in the dashboards.
  • Resolved an issue with the Oceania map not rendering appropriately.
  • Resolved an issue where user could not place Text visualization lower than visible area in the dashboard.