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The Filter menu allows configuring the options in the Filter Action menu that can be extended by pressing the filter button on the top right corner of the Data page of an application.


This column determines the order at which data columns will be displayed on the Filter Actions menu. The order of the columns can be changed simply by dragging and dropping a column into the space you want. The order will be updated automatically once you move a row and press the Save button.

Type and Field

You can select from a list of Custom or System defined fields. System fields include:

  • User
  • Date Created
  • Last Update
  • Status
  • Actions
  • Group
  • Record ID

Custom fields are the database columns associated with that application. Changing the Type to ‘Custom’, Field selection is populated with columns from the application database.

Data Type

Data Mask property defines the data formatting and filter selections on the Filter Action menu.

  • Text
  • Integer
  • Date
  • Select
  • Boolean
  • Decimal