Version 6.23

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  1. Added auto-save to all Designer control properties – you no longer need to submit in order for changes to your controls to be applied in the User Interface Designer.


  1. Major performance improvements for importing applications and named range generation.
  2. Added mechanism for pre-populating a designer application with inputs from external source, as well as for pushing data out of a designer application from a frame. This is only enabled in secured environments and with whitelisted target domains.
  3. Added confirmation message when deleting controls in the user interface.
  4. Fixed an issue with dragging to resize images in content controls triggering errors.
  5. Set super headers named range to be required when they are enabled. Likewise for change status, users, and groups for buttons, and chart/map visible by value of.
  6. Resolved an issue where calendar input text position was always left, even when set otherwise.
  7. Resolved an issue where calendar input placeholder disappears after mouse-over.
  8. Resolved an issue with chart labels positioning incorrectly for column charts.
  9. Resolved an issue with chart title being placed under the legend when legend was set to top.
  10. Fixed the logic which prevented updating inline input grid cells while the cell was being currently edited.
  11. Added support for the attributes necessary for embedding YouTube videos into content controls with full screen enabled.
  12. Updated database column filtering search to support upper and lowercase characters.
  13. Expanded date-picker control to support up to year 2100, from 2030.
  14. Resolved an issue with column validation when using back and next buttons during database column creation.
  15. Hiding the green highlight frame after entering required values for textbox and calendar controls.
  16. Resolved an issue with bar/column charts with date on x-axis sometimes causing overlap.
  17. Resolved a set of issues with SpreadsheetWeb connector, Google Sheets connector, Stripe Connector, DocuSign connector, OneDrive connector, Twilio connector, Salesforce connector, and HubSpot connector.
  18. Resolved a variety of miscellaneous minor issues affecting charts.

Control Panel

  1. Deprecated the Processes functionality in SpreadsheetWeb Control Panel.
  2. Fixed alignment of the expand/collapse button on the user grid.
  3. Updated the license so that the location of the license file can be set via configuration.


  1. Resolved an issue with filters causing problems when text visualizations exist in the dashboard.
  2. Resolved a variety of miscellaneous minor issues affecting charts.