Version 6.21

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  1. Added a new Order Direction setting for chart legends that allows users to configure whether to sort the chart legend in ascending, descending, or custom order.
  2. Separated primary and secondary axes properties for combo charts, allowing users to configure each axis independently.
  3. Added support for Override Formula-based Inputs to the Designer data import.
  4. Added support to clearly indicate which page is currently active in the page dropdown that pops up when there are too many pages to display in the top navigation bar.
  5. Made selection control for input grid dropdowns not bound to the size of the cell that they are targeting. This makes dropdowns in grids more legible.
  6. Resolved a minor issue with client-side error while saving an empty stylesheet.
  7. Resolved an issue with start and end dates for calendars not functioning appropriately during validation, as well as the message not appropriate disappearing once the error was rectified.
  8. Resolved an issue with loading the date when the current date was selected.
  9. Resolved an issue where grids with percentage-sized columns and superheaders were not respecting set column sizing.
  10. Resolved an issue with time picker still setting seconds even when using short time as the format.
  11. Resolved an issue with records being locked for anonymous users.
  12. Resolved an issue with record being editable under a specific scenario where it shouldn’t have been.
  13. Resolved an issue where using left navigation bar could result in long tab names being clipped in some stylesheets.
  14. Resolved an issue with dropdowns at extra-small size and with standard select style having non-visible or clipped values due to font size being too large.
  15. Resolved an issue with center-alignment for checkboxes showing as left alignment in some stylesheets.
  16. Resolved a minor issue with checkbox icon displaying slightly off-center for some stylesheets.
  17. Resolved a minor issue with tooltip not appearing for Visible by Value column when editing grid column properties.
  18. Resolved a series of chart-related issues:
    1. Combo charts with inverted data enabled were showing empty x-axis values.
    2. Combo chart first column was overlapping with second when stack type was set to normal.
    3. Combo charts showing as blank or labels incorrect in preview when one column and one line are set to the right axis and other columns are all left axis with normal stack type.
    4. A variety of issues related to negative values being displayed incorrectly across a few different chart types (e.g. bar, pie, scatter).
    5. X-Axis values that started with numeric values and ended with text had the text removed from the label.
    6. Further resolutions regarding special character encoding throughout various chart properties.
    7. Bar charts with normal stack type were having problems displaying negative values.
    8. Combo charts with multiple columns and one line and stack type normal have an issue with the line value placement.
    9. Combo charts with stack type normal were not displaying all labels.
    10. Combo charts with stack type none had the first column slightly clipped.
    11. Various other fixes related to charts across the designer.

Control Panel

  1. Added the ability to only allow updating existing records with Import from Excel functionality, versus also creating new ones.
  2. Resolved an issue with the application selection dropdown on the data page not listing data maps.
  3. Resolved an issue with federated users not being able to update existing users due to password verification requirement.


  1. Added some padding around slider filters to prevent them from overflowing from the filters panel.
  2. Resolved an issue with pinning and locking filters not being applied while viewing the dashboard.
  3. Resolved an issue with filter locks being undone after changing filter type.
  4. Resolved an issue with dashboard visualizations across tabs not being saved after adding a tile map on a secondary tab.