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SpreadsheetWeb Sites are compartments of smaller sections under a license and this section is only accessible by the SystemAdmin user. Please note that this is only available in server or private cloud licenses.

To access the Sites page, login as the SystemAdmin user and go to Tools>Sites.

Sites Controls

Add a new site under your license.

Downloads all site information in CSV format. This includes; site ID, name, max user count, max application count, max spreadsheet size, data store disk size, current application count, current user count, site creation date information.

Edit the settings for a site.

Temporarily deactivate a site. This will prevent the users of that site from logging into their accounts and will also suspend applications within that site. When a site is deactivated, this button will change to a broken chain. You can press it again to restore the site.

Remove a site.

Create New Site and Edit Site

Site settings page allows you to edit the features of a site such as maximum number of applications or database size allowed. You can also change account details, passwords or other advanced settings here.


Setting Up Password Policy for a Site

Activate the option Enable Site-level Password Policy to set a password structure for all users under this site. Enabling this feature will let you choose between various password characteristics. Users will need to set up their passwords in accordance with these selections.