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You can create a Custom User Role with control over which Control Panel and application features and data they can access. Unlike built-in user types, custom roles allow enabling or disabling user access to any number of areas like the Applications and Data pages, all controls in Control Panel pages, and other features.You can create custom user roles for all Sites on the server. In this article, we will cover this type of user roles. Please note that this feature is only available to the SystemAdmin user, and the changes will apply to all sites on the server. You can also create Site specific custom user roles using a Site Admin user which is covered in another article.

Add a New Custom Role

To add a new custom role, go to the the “Customs Role” tab on the left menu under the Administration page, and then click the “Add New Custom Role” button.

By defining custom roles, you can create customized user roles, and manage their access in the SpreasheetWEB platform. These rights are listed in the below screenshot.

Available rights for custom roles.

Main categories control access to tabs in the Control Panel. Sub categories will define the new role with different privileges. Please note that you have to click on the check boxes before each main category, if you want them to appear on the user’s control panel as main tabs.


By clicking on “Add Web Application”, “Add Web Service” or “Delete Web Application”, you will be setting privileges to this new role on managing web applications.


Under the data section, you may give the right to this new user role to manage database by editing, copying or deleting records, as well as the rights to see the record history, change their status or import data.

Unlock Records

Unlocks a record that has been locked by another user. A record will only be locked when Allow Concurrent Editing option is disabled in the Edit Applications page, and a user is accessing the record.


If you enable the Processes tab for the new role, the user will be able run batch processes.


Users with this access will be able to manage the users in your account and have the subsequent rights.


You may customize the new role by giving it access to the Groups page.


Users with this right can access the site traffic logs.

My Account

These users will have access to the My Account page and manage their accounts.


Administrator tab should only be accessible by the SystemAdmin user.

Modify Application-Level Data Restrictions

Determines whether the user can see Application-Level Data Restrictions section on the edit applications page for applications that they can edit.

Supersede Application-Level Data Restrictions

This option is a way to disregard Application-Level Data Restrictions for certain users. For example, SystemAdmin and SiteAdmin will supersede these restrictions by default. Regardless of the application-level data restrictions settings, they will be able to access all application options and data.

Even if this option is disabled, the Site Admin will still be unaffected by these restrictions. SystemAdmin, will still not be able to see these options because this user does not have access to the data page, even if this rule is exceeded.

Role Modification Rights

Role Modification Rights can be used to give users of a certain user role the ability to add, edit, delete, reset, suspend, or edit the custom fields of users belonging to an existing user role.This means that the user role you are creating or editing will have any rights you select over the target user roles selected under Role Modification Rights.

When creating or editing a Custom User Role, selecting any options under the Users section (including the Users option, which will select all rights under this group) will bring up the Role Modification Rights section on the bottom of this screen. Your selections for the role definitions will apply to Role Modification Rights. For example, if you select Add User and Edit User options under the Users section, and then select Standard User under Role Modification Rights, you will be giving the members of this custom role the ability to create and edit any Standard Users in the system. Please note that these restrictions don’t apply to admin or SystemAdmin users.