Version 6.8

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Released on March 4, 2019


  • [Designer/API] – Print now allows Image injection into print documents
  • [Designer] – Single Controls now pull default values from metadata option.
  • [Designer] – Text resource editor module added, allowing users to overwrite default run-time text (e.g. splash screen, validation messages, and modal messages).
  • [Designer] – Metadata editor module (Names) added, allowing users to overwrite data captured from the calculation model. Some integration points are completed (auto-populate, properties pages), but a much higher level of integration is coming throughout upcoming versions.


  • [Dashboard] – Text – Default Font Family “Poppins” is now listed in the Font Family variables dropdown
  • [Control Panel] – File type is now limited to CSV for ImportCubeWizard
  • [Dashboard] – Column & Bar Chart – An issue with editing axis ordering has been resolved.
  • [Designer] – File attachment default size limit is now standardized across data and input
  • [Designer] – Maps now support non-numeric value fields.
  • [Designer] – Implementations of AsyncDataTable now allow toggling Boolean columns with filtered records appropriately.
  • [Designer] – Resolved an issue in User Interface Designer that was causing controls to not be created at the target position.
  • [Designer] – Containers now allow deletion of top-level (row-level) containers from the Properties menu.
  • [Designer] – Input Grids now allow adding content alignment on a column-by-column level.
  • [Control Panel] – Now preventing user creation with username containing special characters.
  • [Designer] – Implemented axis ordering feature for bar and column charts.
  • [Designer] – Fixed a zoom issue in mobile devices that was caused when entering some inputs.
  • [Designer] – Added boundaries for date-time values in x-axis of charts.
  • [PSC] – SUMIF with Expanding Refs worksheets now load without issues.
  • [PSC] – SUMIF function now works with array formulas.
  • [Installer] – ConfigSetup now can run and build from the command line.
  • [Control Panel] – Form controls (checkbox) are no longer losing their value because they are bound incorrectly in converted applications.
  • [Designer] – Creating named ranges with relative references is now prevented.
  • [Designer] – When inverted, TNRs with formatted values now work in charts.
  • [Designer] – Copy & Paste features are now available again in the user interface designer.
  • [Wizard] – List items of a static XL Listbox are no longer duplicated.
  • [Designer] – DateTime formatted items are no longer duplicated in radio buttons.
  • [Designer] – Charts & Maps now ignore Excel errors.
  • [PSC] – Row index out of range issue has been fixed with Dynamic_Range.
  • [Designer] – Text column cells are now selectable on mobile input grids.
  • [Designer] – Made general control fixes in the User Interface Designer.
  • [Designer] – Charts with Inverted DateTime values now render correctly.
  • [Control Panel] – Changed Application Link for Designer Applications.
  • [Control Panel] – Operations – Added ‘Refresh Language Cache’ operation.
  • [Designer] – Populate Controls from Worksheet can now differentiate worksheets with similar names.
  • [Engine] – Fixed issues with the following formulas: TRANSPOSE, COSH, PRICE, YIELD, Operators (+), (-), (/), (*).
  • [Designer] – Radio buttons with duplicate underlying values no longer cause issues at runtime.
  • [Designer] – Added meta tags to designer runtime to use favicon when displaying on iOS home. screen
  • [Designer] – Fixed sorting issues in dropdown options (both formatted and unformatted).
  • [Designer] – Dropdown Name field has been corrected in Edit Window.
  • [Designer] – Slider buttons now change color on submit.
  • [Control Panel] – Now allowing certain special characters in usernames.
  • [Designer] – Fixed a calculation issue with default values in Calendar controls.
  • [Designer] – Fixed a conflict with Status Colors and New columns on the Data tab.
  • [Designer] – Multi-file Attachment Control now allows attaching two files with the same name.