Version 6.3

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Released on August 13, 2018


  • Preliminary BETA release of the new dashboarding component.
  • Updated calculation engine with Excel-size support for workbooks (i.e. maximum column and row count):
    • 1048576 rows and 16384 columns support is implemented.
    • Except number format, all styles removed.
    • NET API updated.
    • Memory usage improvements.
    • Performance improvements.
  • Export to Excel functionality added to the Designer.
  • Calculation methodology complete refactor for improved performance and maintainability.
  • Designer data import process performance significantly improved, as well as extended support for secondary table import (both OtO and OtM).
  • Added Before and After custom action hooks to the Excel export process.


  • Fixed Input Grid grid copy and paste issues with Edge browser.
  • Fixed blank issue in input grids when using percentage types.
  • Fix for exception thrown while retrieving specific range’s value (for HTML email contents).
  • Added the option to Hide Headers for Input and Output grids.
  • Added the option for Copy (to Clipboard) feature for Input Grids.
  • Added the option for Export (to CSV) feature for Input Grids.