Version 6.11

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Released on July 8, 2019


  • Added new Connectors module to the Designer, with first two external integrations: Stripe support and SMTP configuration.
  • In the Designer, added the ability to store generated print documents directly into the database during a save action.
  • Added support for configurable auto-refresh of visualizations in the Dashboard.
  • Added additional named-range-based conditional operators to Queries module, including “in list named range”, “contains named range”, and “starts with named range” (as well as their respective negations).
  • Major performance improvement for calculation times when utilizing web-service-based applications (e.g. designer and web services).



  • Added visualization number formatting textbox improvement to provide suggestions and smart detection as the input is filled.
  • Added support for re-ordering stylesheets.
  • Updated the queries module to make the calendar control more visible when picking calendar options for conditions.
  • Added a friendly message and link to Getting Started when user pauses in the search bar for a period of time.
  • When generating a new grid (input or output), if all cells under a given column are empty, the system will automatically set its visibility to ‘Never’.
  • Add Required and Validation Triggers to the Calendar UI control.
  • Added perma-link slugs to all Designer help pages, so links should remain static throughout all updates.
  • Added support for new line characters in radio button controls.
  • Updates the queries module Entities buttons to fit the style of the system.
  • Updated calendar mobile behavior in input grids to blur focus after user selection.
  • Updating grid layouts to be fixed when all visible columns are percentage-based, to allow for more accurate column sizing.
  • When a list is multi-select for radio buttons, no longer adding “No Option Selected” option to the list at runtime.
  • Updated gauge control’s minimum and maximum inputs to be more consistent with the system.
  • Updated the query builder to prevent users from binding multiple queries to the same named range.
  • Updated grid header detection to ensure that at least one column has a non-null string header before suggesting that the grid has headers.
  • Updated the input grid paste report to show any cells that were set to null values.
  • Added visibility icons to the output grid columns for quick indication as to whether the column is visible or not.
  • Added a default gap width for columns in combo charts.
  • Resolved an issue with datetime placeholder variables causing issues during query execution. This resolves the functionality of datetime-oriented conditions that are applied in the query builder, such as “within last X days”.
  • Updated the events Add buttons to be entirely clickable, rather than just the icons.
  • Fixed the contextual help link on the Home page to select the actual help search box.
  • Resolved an issue with the help page Table of Contents link causing positioning that covers the target header beneath the fixed navigation bar.
  • No longer allowing Import on top of applications that already have existing published databases (including on previous transactions).
  • Resolved an issue where import and export were missing visualization’s animation properties.
  • Resolved an issue with generating large application static contents during publish caching that resulted when print processes included visualization bindings.
  • Resolved a minor user interface issue in Firefox where repeatedly clicking Events and Names options would cause some strange borders to appear.
  • Fixed the General Overview main page to show the Getting Started page.
  • Added default formats for chart and map labels.
  • Updated a series of the pre-built stylesheets to make the input grid calendar controls more visible and to resolve some issues with multi-select radio buttons showing multiple checkmarks.
  • No longer showing List Named Range bindings in an input grid’s column properties when ‘Use Metadata Formatting’ is enabled.
  • Resolved a minor issue where repeatedly clicking on a control in the User Interface Designer could cause JavaScript errors.
  • Resolved an issue where multi-select radio lists would not respect the maximum selected values limit.
  • Resolved an issue where input grids would not render the results of a query.
  • Resolved an issue where inline input grids with use metadata formatting and enable row visibility by value could cause rows to hide arbitrarily.
  • Resolved an issue with animation stopping after a print process is completed.
  • Resolved an issue with two semi-connected input grids existing on the same page and named ranges overlapping interfering with one another.
  • Resolved an issue where location and route maps animations were not rendered appropriately.
  • Resolved an issue where gauges were not being displayed appropriately in preview and publish.
  • Resolved an issue in the Queries module where numeric-named columns could cause issues during execution (e.g. a column named “1”).
  • Resolved an issue with inline grids disabled rows giving the appearance of editability.
  • Resolved an issue with inline grids with metadata formatting appearing disabled but being editable.
  • Resolved an issue with copying and pasting currency values into input grids.
  • Resolved some issues with vector location maps not printing appropriately in print process documents.
  • Resolved an issue with save and navigation events not saving if the user does not explicitly update its specific settings.
  • Resolved an issue where input grid Boolean column alignment was not functioning appropriately.
  • Squashed a series of visualization animation-related bugs.
  • Resolved an issue with zoom and pan during vector maps animation.
  • Replaced all instances of the sweetalert module with the sweetalert2

Control Panel

  • Added the ability to update usernames.
  • Resolved an issue with the suspend and unsuspend buttons not showing the appropriate icon for the user’s status.
  • Resolved an issue with tooltips hanging on the Users screen after performing an action.
  • Removed all old references to maps in converted application code.

Web Service

  • Updated print processing to resolve an issue with header elements sometimes losing their positioning during document generation.


  • Updating multi-tab dashboards to load with the first tab open, rather than the last one that the user had entered.
  • Resolving an issue where animations in visualizations could not be replayed after the Relayout Dashboard button was clicked.
  • Resolved an issue with grids not snapping in accordance with other visualizations.
  • Resolved an issue with grid sorting icon appearing incorrectly.
  • Resolved an issue with column charts where axis crossing being set to ‘Zero Value’ was not functioning appropriately for data that included both positive and negative values.
  • Resolved an issue with grids being empty when jumping to any page other than the first page and applying a filter.
  • Resolved an issue where text visualizations could not be edited after creation.
  • Resolved an issue where visualizations including gradient legends and bottom title position were causing overlaps in the visualization.
  • Resolved an issue with some older dashboards not being loaded appropriately in Edit mode.
  • Resolved an issue with custom order options remaining on the screen after changing to an unsupported chart type.
  • Resolved an issue with grid’s bottom status bar shifting upon updating filters.
  • Resolved an issue with labels overlapping during active animation.


  • Added support for uploading converted applications to Trial servers directly from the Wizard.
  • Added appropriate validation for application name length to the Wizard.


  • Updated the installer to pull the existing database user credentials into the configuration when upgrading a server.
  • Updated the installer to stop engine services in a particular order before attempting engine update.
  • Resolved an issue where updating database user’s credentials via the installer would not translate into user’s credentials being updated during an upgrade.
  • Removed some option for feature installation that are not relevant.
  • Resolved an exception during installation when extra default bindings exist under a site that do not contain an SSL flag.
  • Resolved an issue with scripts not executing when updating from older versions of the software.