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The Columns menu allows changing the layout of the fields listed in the Data tab. You can add new columns by pressing the Add New Column button on the top. Existing columns can be removed by pressing the red icons next to them. You can have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 20 columns for every application.


This column determines the order at which data columns will be displayed on the Data page. The order of the columns can be changed simply by dragging and dropping a column into the space you want. The order will be updated automatically once you move a row and press the Save button.

Type and Field

You can select from a list of Custom or System defined fields. System fields include:

  • User
  • Date Created
  • Last Update
  • Status
  • Actions
  • Group
  • Record ID

Custom fields are the database columns associated with that application. Changing the Type to ‘Custom’, Field selection is populated with columns from the application database.


Wrap property determines the packing style of the columns. When enabled, the data shown under each field, as well as the Action buttons will be ‘wrapped’ to fit into the allocated cells. When disabled, the excess items will cut off, resulting in a more compact view with less information.

Wrap Enabled
Wrap Disabled

You can choose a Sort Column and Sort Direction of ASC (Ascending) or DESC (Descending) to sort the records shown on the Data page. Based on the selection above, the Data page is sorted by the Name (ContactName) field.

Data Mask

Data Mask property defines the data formatting on this page. Options include Raw, Number, and Date depending on the data type.

  • The default data mask is raw for all types of fields if no formatting is applied.
  • Numeric data masks:
    • Currency: The column is formatted as currency with two decimal digits.
    • Comma separated: The column is shown with commas as thousand separators and decimal digits.
    • Exponential: The column is formatted in scientific format.
    • Percentage: The column is multiplied by 100, and shown with percentage (%).
  • Date data masks:
    • US Short Date: The date is shown as MM/dd/yyyy
    • US Long Date: The date is shown as MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss
    • Short Time: The time is shown as 10:30 AM
    • Long Time: The time is shown as 10:30:15 AM
    • International Short Date: The date is shown as dd/MM/yyyy
    • International Long Date: The date is shown as dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss
View Column

By default, the first column on the Data page will be the View Column. This means that clicking a name in this column will open that record in View Only mode. Click another field under the View Column section to make that field the view mode button.