Version 6.20

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  1. Added a new option for order direction in column/bar chart properties, to allow sorting based on the column positioning rather than alphabetically.
  2. Added “Is Navigation Bar Collapsed By Default” property to page designer, allowing users to determine whether the left-hand navigation menu is default expanded or collapsed on a page-by-page basis.
  3. Added an informational description property to database columns to allow users to describe the content that is stored in the referenced column.
  4. Added column-based header alignment to input and output grids.
  5. Added support for system administrators to permanently delete columns on existing tables.
  6. Preventing Next/Finish button multiple clicks in the database Add Used Columns workflow.
  7. Resolved an issue with input grids where negative currency values could not be edited appropriately in a metadata-formatted grid.
  8. Resolved an issue with importing/exporting runtime text to include special characters via UTF-8 encoded file formats.
  9. Resolved an issue with dynamic dropdowns not being populated in form-based input grids when the modal was opened.
  10. Resolved an issue where some merged cells were not being exported appropriately at runtime via Excel exports functionality.
  11. Resolved an issue where search functionality was not working on the database columns grid.
  12. Resolved an issue with “0” values not being displayed when pasted into a metadata-formatted input grid.
  13. Resolved an issue where trigger calculations and enabled properties are reset when the mask type of an input is changed.
  14. Resolved an issue where the calculate event was removable from a button.
  15. Resolved an issue with radio buttons that were loosely parsing date formats when they were not dates by switching to stricter parsing.
  16. Resolved an issue where map labels were not printing in documents.
  17. Resolved the padding on superheaders when the header is set to be non-visible.
  18. Resolved an issue with associated lists not being detected correctly in named range metadata if the list information was formatted in a specific way.
  19. Resolved an issue with the custom order field becoming hidden when chart type was changed from column to bar chart and vice versa.
  20. Resolved an issue with popovers not appearing on sliders when dragging and dropping the slider bar.
  21. Resolved an issue with calendar input start/end date properties on the properties panel not validating correctly.
  22. Resolved an issue with radar chart tooltip not appearing if the highlighted area is covered by another area.
  23. Resolved an issue with culture settings causing problems with parsing numeric entries for charts.
  24. Resolved an issue with chart y-axis labels extending past 1/3 the size of the visualizations if the labels are particularly long. Now, cropping them with ellipses.
  25. Resolved some issues with copying and pasting sections throughout the user interface designer.
  26. Resolved an issue with axes charts ignoring blanks functionality not displaying appropriately when the inverted data option is selected.
  27. Resolved an issue with the tooltip off the content popover staying after the user clicks the ESC key.
  28. Resolved an issue with maximum decimal length on the database page not being loaded appropriately on subsequent edits after saving.
  29. Resolved an issue with combo chart y-axis properties not appearing in the correct location in Firefox.
  30. Resolved a series of issues regarding special character encoding in chart properties.
  31. Resolved an issue with output grid text being barely visible in lux bootstrap template.

Control Panel

  1. Corrected a typo in record history page.
  2. Corrected a typo in the error message when a user tries to create a converted web application without converting first.
  3. Added a cross-tenant search functionality for multi-tenant environments.
  4. Updated the default help link to reflect the new SpreadsheetWeb help site.
  5. Resolved an issue that caused failure to delete users when an application-level data filter was applied for that specific user.
  6. Resolved an issue with the data page grids not being responsive, even with the wrap option disabled.
  7. Resolved an issue with special characters under user roles displaying as encoded content.
  8. Resolved an issue with the footer displaying in the wrong location at smaller viewpoints on the data page.


  1. Added broader support for the CONVERT formula and resolved a variety of mismatches.