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Spreadsheet WEB supports presentation of images using the SpreadsheetWEBimageLink formula. SpreadsheetWEBimageLink (cell reference) takes the relative or absolute address of the images which can be located on the internet or intranet.

Creating a static image display application

To create a static image web application which fetches images directly from a server, you must create a hyperlink pointing to an image. This image could be residing on the internet or intranet. We can use a link such as http://www.spreadsheetweb.com/download/logo-pagos.jpg to construct such an application. See the image below.

Creating dynamic image display applications

To create dynamic image web applications that fetch images directly from a server, we can create an application in Excel which takes 2 inputs as numeric values .We can use Excel’s Hyperlink formula [ =Hyperlink (link location) ] to create a dynamic link based on the values of these inputs as seen below.

After conversion:

The Hyperlink, which is seen in blue (default), is based on values which will be inserted by the user of the application. The cell below the hyperlink has our formula [ =SpreadsheetWEBimageLink (cell reference) ]. Cell reference will point to the cell where it will read the hyperlink. In our case we have inserted the hyperlink at cell B15 so the complete formula would be [ =SpreadsheetWEBimageLink (B15) ]. Once this application is uploaded to the Spreadsheet WEB server it will automatically run the formula and display the images if it exists on the same server with the address we assigned in the hyperlink. See the image below.

After conversion:

We are connecting to an image server and requesting images depending on the inputs. SpreadsheetWEBimageLink (Cell Address) does the work of getting the images and displaying them in the browser.