Active Directory

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Active Directory settings allow integrating your SpreadsheetWEB users with an internal Active Directory database, with which user data can be pulled into SpreadsheetWEB and user accounts can be created quickly.

LDAP Settings

LDAP allows the System Administrator to integrate an internal LDAP database into SpreadsheetWEB. This means that existing user accounts in the server can be added to the SpreadsheetWEB users and have access to Control Panel and applications. Note that the administrator will need to specify user roles and groups for each user before importing and give access to SpreadsheetWEB.

LDAP Settings screen.

LDAP Users

Users from the active directory will be shown in this page. Those in the list Users from Active Directory are users that haven’t been added to the SpreadsheetWEB directory. You can select multiple users using the CTRL and SHIFT keys and then click Add Selected Users to add them to SpreadsheetWEB. You will then be prompted to select a role for these users and assign them to a group, Added users will move to the second list on this page, Active Directory Users in the System.

LDAP Users screen.