Creating a Converted Application

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Converted Application is SpreadsheetWeb’s legacy application type. Converted applications copy the locations, formatting, and type of controls directly from the underlying Excel spreadsheet. Hence, you don’t have the specify them explicitly during the application creation. However, they lack the modern look and feel of web applications as well as their responsiveness as a result. For more information, please see the article “Comparing Converted Web Applications and Designer Applications”.

Converted Applications are only available through paid accounts. They are no included in trial accounts.

To add a converted application click Create a New Application and then select Web Application. A new page will appear where you need to give the web application a name and provide the converted Excel spreadsheet.

Step 1: Select application type

Step 2: Naming and file upload

Before uploading your file, please make sure that you first run the Conversion Wizard, define the web UI, and save it. Here, click on the Excel Spreadsheet box, or simply drag and drop your file into it.
Application name field will be automatically populated with the document name. You can change it from the Name of the Application field.

Step 3: Application options

Advanced options regarding application handling can be determined on this step. Leaving all these options as default will work in almost all situations.


Online: The web application is published at a specific web address and can be viewed by others in a web browser

Offline: The web application is stored in your account but is not available to the end users.


Available options: unrestricted and restricted

Unrestricted: Anyone who knows the URL of your web application can open and view it in a browser.

Restricted: Only registered users can access the web application (i.e. open it in a browser, view it and/or perform calculations)

Restricted with registration: Only defined users can access the web application (i.e. open it in a browser, view it and/or perform calculations) after registering from the login page.

Availability Select if a web application will be published only for a certain period of time or until the it’s removed.
Allow Concurrent Editing Concurrent Data Editing locks a record that is being accessed to prevent two users from editing the same record at the same time. Only admin users or users with Unlock Records role can unlock a record.
Single Record Application Single Record Application provides the functionality to create an application with a single record. Every time a user accesses this application and presses Save, it will overwrite the existing record. In a way, it is similar to working on the same Excel file and saving over and over again.
Tab Based Loading Loads each tab only when the user presses that tab in a multi-tab application. This improves the initial loading times in large and complex applications. If it is unchecked, all tabs are loaded at the initial opening of the application.
Disable Cache SpreadsheetWEB can cache HTML pages on the web server. This improves initial loading of web applications. It is disabled by default.
Auto Load When enabled, the workbook for this application will be pre-loaded on all SSWebNodes at ObjectServer startup.
Enable DBOpen & DBGet When enabled, this allows fetching data from a database, either within the application or by other applications. Please note that this feature can only be used in server and dedicated server options.
Group Chose the access type restricted only users that belong to the group you specify here, have full access to this web application.
Notes Space for your own notes. This will also be displayed in the web application list in the column Notes.

Step 4: Upload complete!

Your document has been successfully transferred to the web!