Version 6.17

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  1. Added a Single Record per User functionality to Designer applications. This will allow the system to lock each unique user to a single record and will default that user’s access of the application to load that specific record.
  2. Added the ability to configure triggers for queries, which allows them to be executed only in specific contexts (e.g. on all calculations, just on application loading, or tied to a button click event).
  3. Updated all projects to use NET Framework 4.8. This is a new dependency for installation and upgrades.
  4. Extended location maps in the Designer to support address mapping, rather than just geolocation data.


  1. When applying a page icon, start the cursor in the search box.
  2. Added Visible configuration options to charts, maps, and gauges.
  3. Set print process dropdown to be a select2 instead of standard select.
  4. Added the ability to paste 0 values and negative values that are expressed with parenthesis into input grids.
  5. Adjusted the minimum circle radius for location maps to allow better expression of large data sets. Added support for configuring the minimum bullet size.
  6. Added legend color support for maps.
  7. Added logarithmic axis option for charts.
  8. Resolved an issue where holding down CTRL + V to paste in a grid would sometimes lock the grid paste background color on the grid.
  9. Resolved a scenario with auto control population not correctly generating controls when the worksheet name had a leading or trailing whitespace character.
  10. Resolved an issue with some custom stylesheets where the active page would not be appropriately highlighted.
  11. Resolved an issue with mobile navigation bar showing on top of the inputs for some applications.
  12. Resolved an issue with mobile navigation bar where long page names slide out of the container.
  13. Resolved an issue where pages that included icons could not be re-ordered appropriately.
  14. Resolved an issue with scatter charts including multiples and animation not locking the multiple fields in place.
  15. Resolved an issue with chart animations across multiple pages causing conflicts with one another.
  16. Resolved an issue where super headers named range information may not be generated during standard operation, so now it will be generated pre-preview and publish.
  17. Resolved a set of minor default stylesheet user interface conflicts with the new page structure.

Control Panel

  1. Added the ability to add columns and re-order them on the data page for custom web page, converted, and web service applications.
  2. Resolved a critical error occurring when limited users use the Download button under a given application data record.
  3. Resolved an issue with standard users that could cause the application list and record data to not be loaded appropriately on the data page.
  4. Resolved an issue where the user sign up page would not be rendered appropriately.


  1. Resolved an issue where auto axis crossing option on charts caused them to appear as if axis crossing value was set to maximum value.
  2. Resolved an issue where the Ignore Blanks feature was not appropriately ignoring blank values.
  3. Resolved an issue where column charts containing stack type would not render appropriately.
  4. Resolved an issue with not being able to select Label field column for USA counties standard map.
  5. Resolved an issue where FIPS code was not working on county maps.