Version 6.25

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  1. Added support for XLOOKUP functionality to the calculation engine.
  2. Added a variety of new miniature stylesheets to allow users to better customize the controls in their user interface.


  1. Resolved an issue where default current date value in calendar controls was not triggering calculations.
  2. Resolved an issue where calendar controls with US 24-hour calculations were not triggering calculations.
  3. Resolved a scenario where Populate Controls from Worksheet functionality would result in single outputs sometimes having integer formatting, even when it was an empty cell.
  4. Resolved an issue where copying and pasting a button with a navigation event would not appropriately carry over the navigation event properties.
  5. Resolved an issue where form-based input grids would throw runtime exceptions if the user never re-ordered the columns on the grid because the default order would not be stored appropriately for the columns.
  6. Resolved an issue where triggering a dropdown in an input grid would pop up the dropdown list in the very top left corner of the view.


  1. Minified access tokens data to vastly improve database impact of the access token migration from version 6.24.


  1. Resolved a scenario where adding page footer and headers and removing them would result in the target ranges being generated for all subsequent conversions, vastly inflating the size of the Excel file.


  1. Resolved a hard crash scenario where a cell in a custom formula (e.g., UDF or SSW custom formula) would overwrite its own value during execution.
  2. Resolved an issue where setting a range back to null would not be respected, primarily only affecting converted applications, causing some inputs in pseudo-stateful scenarios to retain values over multiple requests.