License Activation

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Please follow the steps below for SpreadsheetWEB license activation for your server:

  1. Install the SpreadsheetWEB software. Refer to the installation guide that comes with the setup package.
  2. Contact your account representative, or send an email to Make sure you include the external IP of your server along with your customer details.
  3. Login as the SystemAdmin user
  4. If the server hasn’t been licensed yet, you will be automatically directed to the licensing page. If the server was previously activated, go to Tools>Administration>Server Status
  5. Click the Activate or Renew button. If the activation is successful, you will see the updated License Status and Expiration date.

Make sure that your server is connected to the internet before clicking the Activate or Renew button. If the server is not connected to the Internet, contact your account representative for manual activation.