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Edit your account settings

Click your user name on the right hand side of the Control Panel menu and click My Account. Here, you can edit your account details.

You can change your details from this page. The Username used for logging in your account can be edited from the corresponding field. Please note that the system will not accept any special characters or the name of an existing user.

Features that come with your SpreadsheetWEB license are also listed on the bottom of this page.

Aggregated Site Information section contains how many ‘hits’ active applications took for the given time frame between Start Date and End Date selections.

You can download your data by pressing the Request My Data button. The Excel export file consists of the following:

  • your Account and User information
  • your activity history in SpreadsheetWeb pages (Analytics)
  • your activity history of changes in application workflow features like record status, group, ownership, and notes