Creating a Custom Application

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SpreadsheetWEB supports custom coding the web UI of an application to create custom web pages. By adding your own HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can define a custom user interface for your web application. Custom web pages also support a new feature known as user-defined functions (UDF). In the Control Panel’s Applications tab, all Custom Applications will be underlined in yellow. Custom Applications allow for unprecedented flexibility in design; the UI is custom tailored, export capabilities can extend to Microsoft Word and others and various software can be integrated into applications via API. For more details about the differences: Custom UI and Conversion.

Please note that this feature is not available in the public cloud due to security.

To add a web application click Create a New Application and then select Custom Web Page. A new page will appear where you need to give the web application a name and provide the Excel spreadsheet, as well as the HTML, CSS and JavaScript files which will define the UI.

Step 1: Select application type

Step 2: Naming and file upload

Here, click on the boxes, or simply drag and drop your files into them. A custom application requires an underlying Excel Spreadsheet, a Web Page content that will define the UI (HTML), and Web Content (CSS and JS) in a compressed file. Application name will be automatically populated with the document name. You can change it from the Name of the Application field.

Step 3: Application options

Advanced options regarding application handling can be determined on this step. Leaving all these options as default will work in almost all situations.


Online: The web application is published at a specific web address and can be viewed by others in a web browser

Offline: The web application is stored in your account but is not available to the end users.


Unrestricted: Anyone who knows the URL of your web application can open and view it in a browser.

Restricted: Only registered users can access the web application (i.e. open it in a browser, view it and/or perform calculations)

Availability Select if a web application will be published only for a certain period of time or until the it’s removed.
Disable Cache SpreadsheetWEB can cache HTML pages on the web server. This improves initial loading of web applications. It is disabled by default.
Auto-Load Application When enabled, the workbook for this application will be pre-loaded on all SSWebNodes at ObjectServer startup.
Group Chose the access type restricted only users that belong to the group you specify here, have full access to this web application.
Notes Space for your own notes. This will also be displayed in the web application list in the column Notes.

Step 4: Upload complete!

Your document has been successfully transferred to the web!