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You can convert your workbook into a web application by using SpreadsheetWEB conversion wizard. In a converted application, the UI of your web application will be very similar to your Excel file, as the UI elements are generated based on the fields from your spreadsheet. However, you must first define features like the visible area, pages, input fields, and fields to be saved. To do this, follow the steps below. When you’re done, remember to save your Excel workbook before uploading.

1. Start the conversion wizard by going to the SpreadsheetWEB ribbon and pressing Wizard.

2. When the wizard starts, press Next to go to the Applications and Worksheet(s) step. Press Add to add a new page into your web application.

3. First, you must define the ‘visible area’ of the web application. Press the button next to the Display Area Definition input to make this selection. When you’re ready, press Ok.

4. Next, you need to define the input fields. If you’d like to do this manually, select Select a Range of Inputs Manually option and press the button next to it. You can use the CTRL or SHIFT keys to select multiple cells. Press Ok when you’re done. If everything looks good on the Input Cell Settings page, press Next to continue.

5. If you’d like to activate automatic calculations, you can remove the Calculate button by pressing the red X next to it and activating Enable AJAX Based Calculations (Automatic) Calculations. After adding any buttons you’d like on the Worksheet Controls page, click Next to navigate back to the Applications and Worksheet(s) page. The first page of your application is ready. You can add as many pages as you’d like following the steps thus far.

6. Pressing Next on the Applications and Worksheet(s) page will start the conversion. When it’s done, you can press Finish to finalize the project. Remember to save your Excel file before uploading it to the web. This will embed the XML code generated by the wizard into the spreadsheet.

7. You can now upload your workbook to a SpreadsheetWEB server to push it to the web. The web application will look like this,