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Analytics tab is a web analytics interface allowing administrators to monitor traffic and changes made to the applications published on SpreadsheetWEB. This tab is only available to admin level users and the System Admin.

This data can be filtered by site, group, users, target (page), type (action), application and date. Target column gives the page name where the action took place.

Following is a list of Types (actions) logged and displayed:

  • Access: A SpreadsheetWEB application or a record has been accessed by a user.
  • Delete: A SpreadsheetWEB application or a record has been deleted from the Control Panel.
  • Add: A new SpreadsheetWEB application or a record has been added.
  • Edit: A SpreadsheetWEB application, a record or Configuration settings has been edited by a user.
  • Login: A user has logged in to the Control Panel.
  • Logout: A user has logged out.
  • Run: A Process has been started.
  • Stop: A Process has been stopped.

Descriptions provide more details for the action types, also showing the user names and application/record IDs. Analytics page uses geo-location of IP addresses to map user location.