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The Dropbox Connector can upload documents created with Print and Excel Export processes into a Dropbox account.

Once the Dropbox Connector is created and validated in the Designer application, it can be attached to a Print Process (further details in the Print Process Designer -> Print Process Generation section) or an Excel Export (further details in the Excel Export Designer -> Generate Excel Export section). This will result in the selected Print or Excel Export process being utilized with the defined settings for uploading the output document to the linked Dropbox account.



The section below will outline the properties for the Dropbox Connector.


The Name is simply a friendly identifier provided to the connector to help you subsequently identify this event.


The Path determines the folder in the linked Dropbox account where the documents will be uploaded to.

If the linked Dropbox application has Full Dropbox permission, available folders will be selectable under the Path input. Connectors with the default value (Use Default Folder) will use the root folder.

If the linked Dropbox application has App folder permission, the Path input will only have the default value (Use Default Folder) as an option. Connector will always use the app folder defined for the linked Dropbox application.

Dropbox Application Authorization

Once an Dropbox Connector is created, it will require authorization before it can be utilized. You will need to click the Authorize button which will take you to the Dropbox application authorization page. When you give authorization to the application, you will be returned to the Designer, and the authorization will be complete.

Please note that, when you edit a previously authorized Dropbox Connector, any changes made to the Dropbox Application Key or Dropbox Application Secret will invalidate the connector, and you will need to do the authorization process again.