Version 6.24

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  1. Added built-in support for the goal seek functionality to the designer.


  1. Added bundling of all runtime contents together to improve initial loading time.
  2. When copying and pasting a chart, it will now carry over the named range information and bindings.
  3. Added support for required functionality to checkbox inputs.
  4. Added icons to indicate application type near the names in the SpreadsheetWeb connectors application assignment.
  5. Added icons to indicate application type near the names in the queries assignment.
  6. Added support in runtime text for the “No Option Selected” text.
  7. Updating form-based input grids to lock multi-line textboxes to vertical resize, rather than allows horizontal resize, which was causing overflow.
  8. Removed all summernote options from the Twilio connector other than stubs since they are non-functional in SMS scenarios.
  9. Removed the ability to upload *.doc files for print process documents, since they are unsupported anyway.
  10. Resolved an issue where updating an Excel mapping file for an Excel export could cause the named ranges to be shifted (bound incorrectly) at runtime.
  11. Resolved an issue when adding new rows to a named range that is bound to an inline input grid and then editing existing records from before the row(s) had been added.
  12. Resolved search on the database columns grid and the names metadata grid to include support for uppercase characters.
  13. Resolved a specific scenario with switching between chart types sometimes resulting in Custom Order field being visible when it’s otherwise unsupported.
  14. Resolved control image missing for input and output grid related validation notifications.
  15. Resolved database image missing for database-related validation notifications.
  16. Resolved a minor issue with expand/collapse learning sections at top of most designer pages showing incorrect icon state.
  17. Resolved a series of issues related to chart and location map color schemes not being restored correctly in the Edit Color Schemes user interface.
  18. Resolved an error with Google Sheets connectors when changing the workbook and worksheet of an already-authorized connector.
  19. Resolved an issue where summernote backdrop would sometimes display on top of the modal under email process static body input control.
  20. Resolved an issue where some set of input changes upon input grid creation would result in Boolean column mask type and support multi-line checkbox being visible simultaneously.
  21. Resolved an issue with Toggle-style checkboxes not respecting the style (color) property.
  22. Resolved a scenario where DES-imported Google Sheets connectors would cause an exception, preventing the user from re-authorizing or fixing the connection.
  23. Resolved an issue where some characters were coming back to the user interface jumbled (e.g., German characters coming back with wrong encoding type).
  24. Resolved an issue where using the “/” character in output static name was causing an issue during runtime.

Control Panel

  1. Switched the Go To Application button when creating a web service application to a Copy Web Service URL button instead.


  1. Moved access token storage from in-memory to data persistence layer. This helps greatly in load-balanced scenarios.


  1. Added designation handling for multi-table scenarios where each table includes a column of the same name.


  1. Resolved a hard crash scenario where a cell in a custom formula (e.g., UDF or SSW custom formula) would overwrite its own value during execution.