Version 6.16

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  1. Added a global configuration for Designer connectors so that any integrations performed between your application and an external service work against SpreadsheetWeb’s official account. This also decreases the amount of effort for the user creating the integration.
  2. Added a OneDrive connector to the Designer that will allow you to push files generated in your applications to OneDrive.
  3. Added some new features to customize page and navigation layout:
    1. Added support for page icon selection to the Designer. The page icons will show up next to the page name in the navigation menus.
    2. Added support for a bottom-bar menu when the viewport is mobile, with options to show page names or just page icons.
    3. Added support for collapsible left-hand menu, which will collapse down to just show the page icons and occupy less screen real estate.
    4. Added full screen meta tags by default, so when users add a Designer application to their home page (on mobile) and launch it, it will appear in full screen.



  1. Added tooltips for the buttons on the designer home page.
  2. Added a feature to force a full recalculation after a save action has occurred.
  3. Updated radio list to only trigger calculation when updating the list if an option has been removed.
  4. Updated the X button in the Content editor to say “Close” instead. Note: the content control still needs to be submitted.
  5. Updated the record locking timeout time picker control to be more consistent with other time picking controls in the system.
  6. Added a major performance improvement when copying large amounts of data into input grids.
  7. Added support for natural sorting in chart legends.
  8. Added arrows to the top navigation bar to see more navigation items when the number of pages and their respective sizes overflow the available space.
  9. Resolved an issue where Excel-based errors could trigger issues with numeric value parsing in radio button lists.
  10. Resolved an issue where single named ranges that include a list were not being shown in the options for query bindings for single named range output queries.
  11. Resolved an issue with dynamic column visibility not being respected for output grids.
  12. Resolved an issue where radio buttons could throw an error if they were set to be non-static and their list items were being updated.
  13. Resolved an issue where changes to an input grid during calculations would wipe out those modifications when the calculation was completed. This was resolved for both inline and form-based input grids.
  14. Resolved an issue with dynamic multi-select radio buttons with icon type not being locked down when viewing saved records.
  15. Resolved a scenario when using metadata-formatted grids including dropdown lists without the worksheet name were being pulled from an incorrect worksheet.
  16. Resolved a scenario that could cause infinite loops when a value in a radio button list or dropdown was being set perpetually (e.g. via query, formula, custom action) to a value that was not available in the actual list.
  17. Resolved an issue with validation being tripped on the first request at runtime.
  18. Resolved an issue with disabled navigation not functioning properly on the first load of the page.
  19. Resolved an issue with metadata formatted output grids that contain no special cells (e.g. dates, overrides).
  20. Resolved an issue where label axis formatting was omitted during a print process that included a chart.
  21. Resolved an issue where chart labels could be overcrowded by removing labels that have no values.
  22. Resolved an issue with axis crossing when the axis is ordered in ascending direction on bar and column charts.
  23. Resolved an issue with bar chart animations that include multiple values and no stack type.
  24. Resolved an issue with Gannt chart data bar label not fitting the chart area.
  25. Resolved an issue where sliced chart labels were not being rendered correctly.
  26. Resolved an issue with Twilio, Slack, and Email stubs coming in blank when they are not referenced elsewhere in the application.
  27. Resolved an issue where file name was not being requested correctly when it was dynamically determined by a named range.
  28. Added support for a transaction-based configurable application import that is only accessible to the highest-level administrative user in the system for now. This import will append the new application’s latest WIP transaction to the existing application, allowing an override of any business rules that govern normal user activities, which can result in data loss if not careful. Still, this will allow for easy migration and iteration on existing applications once they are deployed in their target environment (e.g. overriding applications with newer versions from different environments, like QA, staging, test).


Control Panel

  1. When a user only has access to the data page with only a single application, then preselecting the application and removing the “Select an Application” control.
  2. Resolved an issue with the user list when a user has an empty email address.
  3. Resolved an issue with character encoding during data export from designer applications.
  4. Resolved an issue with Excel export in converted applications.



  1. Made the email address a required field in CreateUser method.
  2. Updated the document generation methods to auto-inject a hyperlink in the target document if the stub replacement can be determined to be a hyperlink. Note: this does not create a click-able element if requesting a PDF document.
  3. Resolved an issue with UpdateUser method throwing “email exists” error even when updating that specific user.