Version 6.19

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  1. Added support for importing a data record from an Excel file, where the system would create a new data record (or update an existing one) by bind the information from the uploaded XLSX file (based on named ranges) to the associated database column bindings for that application.
  2. Added a new Reset event to the Designer system, that allows triggering a reset to default values on either the entire-application level or on a page-by-page level.
  3. Added image-style support for Designer file upload controls, which will focus attention on the image that has been uploaded, rather than the control itself.
  4. Added support for overriding control values upon save, which ties into the formula-based overrides functionality. If selected for a control, it will appear as if it was overridden by the user after subsequently loading the record, which will disable formulas for the control.
  5. Added support for cutting and pasting controls in the User Interface Designer, including rows and containers.
  6. Added support for extracting runtime text overrides from an application and importing into another application.



  1. Added support for visibility and enabled-ness properties to file upload controls.
  2. Added support for formula overrides when pasting values into an input grid.
  3. Added multi-line support for text fields in grids.
  4. Added support for the ESC button to cancel out of calendar control modifications.
  5. Added support for storing application runtime schema in the database, rather than in-session or in-memory. Also, providing a polling cleanup handler that will remove expired schemas periodically.
  6. Added support for configurable (at the application-level) log out confirmation button.
  7. Added support for re-ordering database columns. This allows for a better view from the database page. It also applies to the data exports from the data page.
  8. Added support for hiding the header that does not apply to super headers (i.e. header may be hidden without affecting superheaders).
  9. When the user’s record lock is about to expire, triggering a calculation will now hide the message indicating that it is expiring. The timeout was already being extended, but the message was persistent before.
  10. Updated import data functionality to support translating TRUE/FALSE, 1/0, and Y/N values into valid Boolean during import (when the target column is a Boolean).
  11. Updated application databases to have the AUTO CLOSE flag disabled on the creation or update (during publish).
  12. Optimized output grid binding to support empty cell values with a smaller footprint.
  13. Hiding the “Save As” functionality on grid properties pages when there is no primary database table created yet to prevent creation of secondary one-to-many tables before the primary table has been created.
  14. Added left and right-side padding to x-axis of combo charts in order to better display the view.
  15. Added a tooltip to the list named range selection for radios and dropdowns to show the full list named range that is selected. This is helpful when the full range is very long and does not fit within the properties window.
  16. Added support to indicate when a query is associated with a button to prompt the user with a confirmation message. Confirming will also delete those associations with the button before deleting the query.
  17. Added case insensitive pasting into dropdowns for input grids. When the case does not match a list item but the value matches, it will match that target value instead.
  18. Resolved an issue with bar chart axis crossing not being placed in the correct location.
  19. Resolved an issue where a gauge that has dynamic visibility would not appear within a collapsed panel once the panel was expanded.
  20. Resolved an issue with special characters in axis titles for combo charts.
  21. Resolved an issue with Gantt charts where grouped/multiples dates show up in a variety of different years when selected.
  22. Resolved an issue where placeholder in a calendar control would not display in preview.
  23. Resolved an issue where disabling Has Header on the grid would still result in the header row having values from the first row (if the system had detected that it had a header).
  24. Resolved a set of issues related to saving and loading time values in grids.
  25. Resolved an issue with the formatting of time values in grids that was causing the value to be reset strangely if selecting that cell again after setting the value for the first time.
  26. Resolved an edge-case scenario where dragging a container into the very top right corner of an existing container would allow for a strange injection of that container into the parent section, inconsistent with the standard design.
  27. Removed associations between controls and de-activated columns/databases. The properties pages for these controls will not longer indicate that there is an association with a de-activated column or database.
  28. Added UTF-8 support for data import functionality in order to support non-Latin characters in the data set.
  29. Resolved an issue with looping animations for visualizations causing memory issues client-side.
  30. Resolved an issue where not all columns would have an edit button after deleting a given database table on the transaction. This would occur when the column shared an index with the table on the previous transaction.
  31. Resolved an issue where sequential and custom default color schemes were not preselected when editing default colors after saving.
  32. Resolved an issue with validation for minimum and maximum dates on Gantt charts.
  33. Resolved an issue with importing the calculation button event trigger when importing applications on top of existing applications using DES files.
  34. Resolved an issue where uploading an updated Excel model on a subsequent transaction would result in all table named ranges containing a quantity of cells larger than the MaxCellCount configured on the server would no longer be available.
  35. Resolved an issue when using the Save As functionality from a single control that allowed you to save the value on the Overrides table.
  36. Resolved an issue with super headers containing more columns than columns in the grid causing exceptions at runtime.
  37. Resolved issues with percentage columns in grids not behaving appropriately when using internationally formatted floating point numbers and decimals.
  38. Resolved an issue where typing into the calendar control and then tabbing or clicking out would not trigger calculations.
  39. Resolved an issue where deleting the currently selected page would cause issues in the User Interface Designer.
  40. Resolved an issue where form-based grids with default values were not being impacted by external calculations (i.e. calculations from outside of the grid) upon initial load.
  41. Resolved an issue where removing a row from a named range would cause issues with loading secondary one-to-many database tables into their corresponding grids.
  42. Resolved issues with the Stripe connector in live mode triggering a form of validation that was not possible in non-test environments.
  43. Resolved an issue with form-based input grids to make sure currency and percentage symbols disappear after clicking into an out of corresponding fields.
  44. Resolved some issues with URL-incompatible characters in application names causing issues with opening that application at runtime (i.e. target application is not the one being edited).
  45. Resolved issues with special characters in designer database being validated successfully but then failing during publish.
  46. Resolved an issue with applications have multiple pages on the top navigation bar not displaying the full set of pages when some of them are hidden, resulting in a lot of free space in the navigation menu.
  47. Resolved an issue with the required validation message not disappearing from dropdowns even after selecting a value (although the validation itself was working appropriately).


Control Panel

  1. Added support for combining multiple data record modification messages on the history page together so that they do not appear to have occurred multiple times (e.g. changing group, changing status, and changing user).
  2. Added international date formatting support throughout the Control Panel but configurable at the application level.
  3. Updated all analytics records associated with an application to include the application name. This will allow users to still identify which application was affected on those records, even once the application itself has been deleted.
  4. Added a validation message on the data history page when the end date is set to a date before the start date.
  5. Dramatically improved performance of the data page for Designer applications by optimizing data filter loading functionality.
  6. Optimized applications page loading by modifying logic determining whether or not an application has data.
  7. Resolved an issue where a dashboard application could not be deleted permanently if the calculation engine was not running the first time the application was deleted.
  8. Resolved an issue where the status colors and configuration on the data page for Designer applications would not load correctly. Also, resolved an issue where the – starting with the 5-6 row of status color selection – the color picker was either showing up partially behind the modal or not appearing entirely.
  9. Resolved an issue where the Assign button was not left-aligned when it was the only available button on the screen.
  10. Resolved an issue where the View and Edit with Original buttons would not appear appropriately on the data page if the grid was responsive.
  11. Resolved an issue where the View button under the history page was visible for user roles that do not have access to opening the application with the original transaction. Previously, utilizing the button would still result in “not authorized” behavior, but the button was visible nonetheless.
  12. Resolved an issue where the data page grid would overflow on initial load when one of the columns would have a very long value.
  13. Resolved a caching issue with custom triggers, import data, and data filters page navigation when moving back and forth between multiple applications.
  14. Resolved an issue where high-level administrative users could get access to separate sites via LoginToAccess screen.



  1. Added hover tooltip functionality to Sankey diagrams to make them more interactive.
  2. Added a “Do Not Use Scaling” feature that can help prevent overlap for charts that have numeric or date values on the axis but do not represent a series (e.g. using 1, 2, and 100 as categories, rather than as a set of numeric values).
  3. Resolved an issue when downloading data from a visualization that would result in all of the data appearing in a single column when opening the file subsequently in a spreadsheet software.
  4. Resolved an issue where dashboard legend color settings were not applying to standard maps.
  5. Resolved an issue with bubble charts when axis-crossing is set to zero, resulting in y-axis not being visible on the chart.
  6. Resolved an issue where pie charts including a true and false group would only display the “true” label.
  7. Resolved an issue where certain diagrams could not be created if negative values were included in the data set.
  8. Resolved an issue where area charts with negative values and x-axis crossing set to maximum would generate the incorrect view.
  9. Resolved an issue where dashboards created from Designer applications with primary and secondary tables would not allow selection of target table.
  10. Resolved an issue with multiples pyramids charts not always showing all of the charts.



  1. Added support for custom currency symbols to the inner calculation engine.
  2. Added support for semi-colon separator in formulas when setting the formula dynamically (e.g. when using conditional formatting in converted applications).
  3. Resolved an issue with state not being reset appropriately for stateless workbook instances when multiple input named ranges were overlapping one another.