Version 6.2

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Released on July 2, 2018


  • Inclusion of the slider control for designer applications.
  • Inclusion of the listbox display option for radio buttons in designer applications.
  • Added the ability to generate repeating documents for print processing.
  • Added the ability to print as either Word (docx) or PDF documents from print processes.
  • Added before and after custom action hook methods for print processes.
  • Added before and after custom action hook methods for email processes.


  • Fixed Input Grid grid copy and paste issues with Edge browser.
  • Fixed blank issue in input grids when using percentage types.
  • Fix for exception thrown while retrieving specific range’s value (for HTML email contents).
  • Added the option to Hide Headers for Input and Output grids.
  • Added the option for Copy (to Clipboard) feature for Input Grids.
  • Added the option for Export (to CSV) feature for Input Grids.
  • Added the option for Print feature for Input Grids.
  • Display the checkboxes with toggle style in the user interface designer component.
  • Added the option to set the label size to 0 for radio buttons.
  • Added the ability to include background images at the application-level.
  • Added Enable By property at the print process level.
  • Added Enable By property at the print document level.
  • When web service requests fail, clearing out the cache on the engine node.
  • Fix to make sure that print processes work accordingly on restricted applications.
  • Fix to copy and paste into input grids to remove line breaks.
  • Fix to hide change status, user, and group properties for buttons when save event is not selected (on properties tab load).
  • Fix for email processing when user is not logged in but list is required.
  • Added Enable By property at the email process level.
  • Added the ability to generate the name for print process output (i.e. the Word or PDF document that gets generated), either statically or dynamically.
  • Updated all empty profile images to show first letter of first and last name rather than user icon.
  • Adding ability to set the visibility of input and output grids.
  • The export page for email attachments were sporadically not being closed automatically.
  • Fix for compatibility server guard sometimes not closing appropriately.
  • Fix for when Mutas/Temp directory doesn’t exist after installation (without installer).
  • Added the ability to download documents from print process documents list.
  • Splash screen support added to the applications list.
  • Fix for tooltips not showing up on input grids.
  • Updated “Back to Page” alignment across numerous designer pages to make them consistent.
  • Async queue for searching on the applications page.
  • Fix for non-static email body causing parsing exception in email processing.