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Dashboard Controls that are found on top of the dashboard area include features for saving your dashboard, page customization, adding or editing pages, adding new visualizations, and changing the visualization layout.


Dashboards don’t have an auto-save feature and you must save your dashboard by pressing the Save button on the top left menu. Refreshing or closing the Dashboard page will not keep any changes since your last save.

Edit Current Tab

You can change the name of the active Dashboard page or its background color by pressing the Edit Current Tab button on the top menu. The name can be changed from the first option, whereas a background color can be assigned using the palette next to the second option.

Remove Current Tab

Pressing Remove Current Tab will delete the active Dashboard page.

New Visualization

You can add new visualizations like charts, diagrams, maps, gauges, and more by pressing the New Visualization button.

Relayout Dashboard

This control re-organizes all visualizations in the active Dashboard page and places them in order, next to each other.

Manage Colors

Visualization color schema can be customized from the Manage Colors page. You can select from various color layout options under the ColorfulColor BlindSequential, and Custom tabs.

Below are examples of the same dashboard with two different color sets.

Return to Control Panel

Pressing the Return to Control Panel button will take you back to the Control Panel without saving your dashboard.