Version 6.26

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  1. Added support for solver functionality to the web service layer and to the designer module. This allows users to configure complex solver actions to be handled by a button click event.


  1. Added the ability to attach the contents of a file upload control (single and multi-file) to an email process.
  2. Added a cancel option to the Content control editor.
  3. Resolved an issue where apostrophe character was being replaced with HTML-encoded variant in Slack connector.
  4. Resolved an issue in Google Sheets connector where first worksheet was always being ignored.
  5. Resolved several stylesheet issues related to new miniature styles.
  6. Resolved some label placement issues in charts.
  7. Resolved an issue with image sizes in the help pages.
  8. Resolved an issue with goal seek not appearing in left-hand panel of the Events module.