Version 6.18

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  1. Added a functionality across all controls for formula-based overrides, allowing users to configure formula overriding on a control-by-control basis. End users may override otherwise-calculated values coming from the workbook. These values will be respected in saved records and can be restored to the calculated variants by clicking the reset button that appears next to overridden controls.
  2. Added an advanced filtering functionality to the data page for designer applications, which allows users to configure their own filters for the target data set and then query down to identify records beyond the standard search capability.
  3. Updated grids throughout the Designer module to perform calculations based on cell-by-cell data modifications, optimizing the amount of network traffic utilized by applications with large amounts of grids.
  4. Updated user role configuration in the system to allow for site-level user role configuration. This will now allow administrative users to create their own user roles without requiring system administration access.
  5. Added a Google Sheets connector that will allow you to submit new rows to a worksheet in a Google Sheets workbook based on named range information in your Designer application. This can be tied to a button click event.
  6. Updated the designer system to include a new edit with original option, which allows users to load up their records with their original transactional version, make modifications, and save them.
  7. Added a new individual account tier to the public cloud environment.


  1. Added date support to slider controls.
  2. Added the option for real database deletion, which can irreversibly delete unused or unwanted secondary database tables from designer applications, even past the transaction under which they were created.
  3. Added 24-hour styles to the time-picker control.
  4. Added support to configure the status text for input and output grids (i.e. “Showing x to y”). This can now be set from the grid’s properties at design-time.
  5. Updated metadata-formatted grids to always utilize the formatted value for headers, rather than the unformatted value.
  6. Updated the page icon search to be case insensitive.
  7. Added description to database columns to allow end users to define the underlying meaning of the columns for future reference.
  8. Moved the setting of default values throughout the designer to the server-side in order to eliminate extra calculation requests when the application is first loaded.
  9. Updated chart axis minimum and maximum determinations to be smarter for column and bar charts.
  10. Moved Stripe connector keys to configuration file.
  11. Removed unnecessary K/M character usage in numeric fields.
  12. Updated the validation message for print process document stub bindings to make it significantly more clear which exact binding is causing a problem.
  13. Resolved an issue where modifying grid column order would mess up the column sizing percentages at runtime.
  14. Resolved an issue where VIEW actions could still result in saving new records under some circumstances.
  15. Resolved an issue with copying and pasting from grids using right-mouse click only functioning the first time and then requiring escape.
  16. Resolved a variety of issues regarding row ordering, deletion, and loading for form-based grids.
  17. Resolved an issue with Stripe dialog window opening up sporadically and unprompted when an unrelated button is clicked.
  18. Resolved an issue with nodes not being properly closed out when using Chrome during preview operations in the designer.
  19. Resolved an issue with the mobile navigation bar not including the page list dropdown when viewed on iPads (or screens with specifically 768px width).
  20. Resolved an issue where superscript and subscript characters in database columns could cause issues with publishing applications. These unsupported characters are now converted into underscores for naming purposes.
  21. Resolved an issue with form-based input grids not allowing selection of rows when in view mode, so that none of the options would be accessible (i.e. edit, copy, delete row).
  22. Resolved a critical error when users try to upload XLS files for designer applications. Only XLSX files are supported in the designer.
  23. Resolved an issue with populating controls from worksheet detecting euro symbols as USD.
  24. Resolved an issue with tooltips for disabled controls not displaying in Chrome.
  25. Resolved an issue with tabs not being well distributed in the tab bar when there were hidden tabs in the navigation menu.
  26. Resolved an issue with blank maps being rendered when using address-based bindings.
  27. Resolved an issue where ignoring blanks was not working for x-axis values on a combination chart.
  28. Resolved an issue where setting either the minimum or the maximum (but not both) for x-axis on axes charts would result in poorly detected values for the other setting.
  29. Resolved an issue with content controls where copying and pasting an image would result in it being placed twice.
  30. Resolved an issue with inserting images into content controls using the browse button not being functional.
  31. Resolved a set of miscellaneous minor bugs with prebuilt CSS templates.


Control Panel

  1. To the data page, added the ability to batch assign groups, users, and notes to multiple records simultaneously.
  2. Identified and documented an issue with converted applications using NET Framework 4.8 associated with combo boxes.
  3. Added options for EU and US short and long date for the data mask in columns on the data page.
  4. Updated the grouping mechanism throughout the system to only show the user the groups that they belong to from the various pages. Administrative users can still view all groups.
  5. Removed the broken web service links that used to be associated with web service applications.
  6. Fixed the link to the extensions support page under the extensions modal for converted web applications.
  7. Fixed a minor UI issue where the grid under the Add Documents page would fall outside of the modal after adding a new document.
  8. Resolved an issue with the converted application, web service, and custom web page data pages that caused exceptions when a column had specific problematic naming.



  1. Resolved an issue with line chart including multiples and a group field not displaying all charts.
  2. Resolved an issue with bar charts including multiples always placing Y-axis on the right side.
  3. Resolved an issue where some colors were missing in dashboard applications after saving the dashboard and reopening.
  4. Resolved an issue with executing the re-layout functionality of dashboards causing larger spaces between visualizations.