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The Sales Force Connector allows you to integrate your designer application with SalesForce. You can create or update Lead record with SalesForce connector.

Sales Force Settings

  1. Login to SalesForce
  2. Open Service Setup
  3. Navigate to App Manager
  4. Click on New Connected App
  5. Fill out all required fields on the Connected App page
    Connected App Name
    Name of your application
    API Name
    The name of your API connection
    Contact Email
    E-mail address of the contact person
    Enable Oauth Settings
    You need to enabled this option for Spreadsheetweb Oauth connection to Sales Force
    Callback URL
    https://{host-name}/designer/SalesForce/SalesforceCallback{host-name} defines your server address

    The example below is for a web application running on the SpreadsheetWEB public cloud (www1).

    Selected OAuth Scopes
    This should be set to Full access.
    Require Secret for Web Server Flow
    This option should be enabled.
  6. Click Save. You will be redirected to the Application Review page. Here, you will need two values for the next steps.
    1. Consumer Key
    2. Consumer Secret
  7. Login to your SpreadsheetWEB account and create a designer application if you haven’t done so already.
  8. The fields given below can be tied to User Interface controls in your designer application.
    Field Name Type Required
    City String
    Company String Yes
    Country String
    Description String
    Email String
    Fax String
    FirstName String
    Industry String
    LastName String Yes
    LeadSource String
    MobilePhone String
    NumberOfEmployees Integer
    Phone String
    Rating String
    Salutation String
    State String
    Street String
    Title String
    WebSite String

    See this page for more details on these parameters:

Designer Settings

  1. Your designer application must have a database for SalesForce integration. To do this, go to designer interface and click Databases.
  2. Press Add New
  3. Once saved, hover your mouse over the database table and click Edit. Next, add the named ranges you want to save into the Columns grid.
  4. Go the Connectors page, click Add Connector, and select SalesForce

    1. Name : Your connector name
    2. Consumer Key :Defined in Step 6
    3. Consumer Secret : Defined in Step 6
    4. After you enter the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret information you need to validate those keys by clicking the “Validate” button, which will direct you to the SalesForce