Version 6.27

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Control Panel

  1. Preventing Chrome (and others) from auto-filling the Verify Your Password control on the user edit/creation screen.


  1. Added support for toggling the image quality toggle on visualizations and charts during print process generation. This should allow users to balance the quality vs. performance of their document generation when it includes images generated from UI visualizations.
  2. Added a cancel button for the Content control, so you may undo your changes. This also applies to the popover functionality for all controls that support it.
  3. Added support to input and output grids to mark the column headers with appropriate and static CSS classes. These were not being applied correctly when the columns were re-ordered, or when some columns were hidden dynamically.
  4. Some optimizations were applied to prevent memory issues with very large files, including minimizing the quantity of merged cell information that is processed, and optimizing some large arrays.
  5. Resolved an issue where uploading an Excel model that includes no named ranges would update the file on the backend (for calculations) but not actually remove all the named ranges from the system. Thus, it would look as though everything were successful until runtime, where errors regarding invalid named ranges would pop up. Instead, the named ranges will be removed now, and a large error message will be found on both the home page and the validation messages screen, indicating that there are no named ranges in the file. Bindings will remain intact so that the user may re-upload the correct file (assuming this was a mistake).
  6. Resolved an issue with leading zeroes in textbox controls disappearing, related to the metadata overrides not applying directly to the range but instead to a cell reference. This has been corrected.
  7. Resolved an issue with the slider control, where the label with value was not adequately centered horizontally and vertically with the slide handle.
  8. Resolved an issue with checkboxes where they could not be selected on an iPhone.
  9. Resolved an issue with the data module wherein having an excessive quantity of columns on the primary table could cause a row retrieval overload on the data page.
  10. Resolved some issues related to Solver module:
    • Editing a constraint caused an exception in the console.
    • Validation messages related to the solver module were not using the solver icon.


  1. Upgraded the core engine to the latest version of VS 2022 C++, which improves overall performance.
  2. Note: this release requires an updated version of the C++ Redistributable, which can be attained from here.
  3. Added a feature that can be used to limit the core engine from outputting an enormous quantity of extraneous cell data in some circumstances (e.g., requesting range A:A). This feature will limit the quantity of  empty cell data that will be sent out and stop processing a range at the point that enough empty cells have been detected. This is controlled by MaxOutputCellCount. The default behavior is disabled.