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Most businesses use Excel spreadsheets to build applications and automate various business processes. Leading Robotics Process Automation (RPA) software UiPath can monitor user activity and perform certain actions to automate repetitive tasks such as data entry and management. With our UiPath integration, you can embed complex logic into your UiPath processes such as financial models, engineering calculations, rules engines with cascading IF-THEN-ELSE formulas, etc. You can map inputs and outputs from your workbook and use them inside UiPath for creating conditional parameters or use them in other operations. To use this integration, you will need a UiPath account and a SpreadsheetWeb account. If you are just evaluating, you can signup for a free 14-day SpreadsheetWeb trial account here. Let’s get started.


Installing and Configuring the UiPath Integration

If you don’t have it already, install UiPath Studio on your computer. Run UiPath Studio and click the Manage Packages button on the top navigation bar. Select All Packages on the left, and search for “Spreadsheetweb” in the search box. Select the extension, install it, and then click the Save button.

Find “SpreadsheetWeb” under the Available category in the Activities window on the left, and drag and drop the SpreadsheetWeb into the Main Workflow (Workspace) in the middle area.

Copy your API URL and Application Key from the SpreadsheetWeb Web Service application. You can find this information by pressing the blue Edit Application button on the Control Panel if you have a paid SpreadsheetWeb account. Both the API URL and Application Key must be placed inside quotes (i.e., “https://www2.spreadsheetweb.com/Api”) in corresponding UiPath fields.

If you have a trial account, you can find the Application Key by pressing Launch if using an Access API application. In Designer applications, this field is called Web Service Key and it can be accessed by pressing the Edit button. Use “https://www2.spreadsheetweb.com/Api” for the API URL in Access API and Designer applications.

Add input and output mappings into UiPath using named ranges corresponding to their counterparts in the SpreadsheetWeb application. The workbook named ranges for the input and output fields must be placed inside quotes (i.e., “originZIP”). You don’t need the quotation marks for the UiPath fields (right-hand side in the example below).

Run your file (Debug) and get results in UiPath.

How to test your UiPath – SpreadsheetWeb integration

If you don’t have a SpreadsheetWeb account, you can still test it from your UiPath Studio. Make sure to install our integration as described above and follow the steps below:

  1. Create the following variables: OriginZip, DestinationZip, weight.
  2. Set any zip code value (5-digit integer) to OriginZip and DestinationZIP. Also set an integer between 0 and 100 as weight.
  3. Add a SpreadsheetWeb Activity and set the following variables:
    1. API Url: https://www2.spreadsheetweb.com/Api
    2. Application Key: c1e12c79d828412e8ceec019da499b90
  4. Add input and output mappings as shown below:
    1. uipath-input-output-mapping
  5. Save and Run the automation.
  6. View the value of the variable “cost” and confirm that it is updated.