Version 6.15

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  1. Implemented server-side caching for all designer applications at runtime. This will result in smaller payloads between the client and server during calculations, as well as minimize the client-side processing during responses and control binding.
  2. Added support for customizable application-level record locking to prevent multiple users from modifying and accessing the same records simultaneously.




  1. Added the ability to change “Log Out” text at the application-level via text overrides.
  2. Extended text overrides support for input grid text.
  3. Added support for dynamic legends in charts, where the order can be changed and updated depending on the named range’s values.
  4. Set the left-hand menu of the Help pages to be fixed while scrolling through the contents.
  5. Added confirmation message when deleting a print process.
  6. Added highlight to the current page in the quick navigation menu of the User Interface Designer.
  7. Added support for the collapsible functionality on rows.
  8. Disabled animation options when charts are multiples – this was never an intended part of the original functionality.
  9. Added support for images being embedded in email process bodies. Note that this will only be functional for new email bodies.
  10. Updated standard sorting in grids to sort like Excel, considering null or empty values below any real values in both ascending and descending order.
  11. Applying the selected mask to the Default input on the Textbox control properties screen.
  12. Added support to import the previous transaction’s spreadsheet file when importing a designer application. This will prevent issues when importing and then deleting the most recent transaction.
  13. Added dynamic enabled-ness for the SalesForce connector.
  14. Extended support for CSV, print, and copy to clipboard buttons to respect hidden columns, content alignment, and checkbox values.
  15. Added support to list-based controls to support prefixed and suffixed whitespace characters. This allows for better matching in Excel files that include those extra characters while checking against a list (e.g. MATCH and LOOKUP formulas).
  16. Added support to default calendar controls to the current date and time.
  17. Added safer extract-stubbing to the import and extract actions.
  18. Updated color schemes in charts (past the initial 10 configured by color scheme) to be pseudo-randomly generated by a specific seed, rather than completely random. This will ensure that a given chart appears the same no matter how many times the page is reloaded or the chart is redrawn.
  19. Updated minimum and maximum fields throughout all controls to be doubles instead of floats, which will help with high-precision values.
  20. When using a grid’s print button, no longer printing headers if they are hidden on the grid. Also, printing super headers when they are enabled.
  21. Restoring row selection in form-based input grids after triggering calculations, applying search, pagination, and adding new rows.
  22. Skipping the opening of mobile keyboard on mobile devices when using a calendar control. The calendar control itself will be the only method for entering values on mobile devices.
  23. Updated the text for HubSpot Connector properties to reference the correct connector.
  24. Resolved an issue with label coloring when smart labeling is enabled for column and bar charts.
  25. Resolved an issue with selected color scheme not applying to charts at runtime.
  26. Resolved an issue with Excel exports not including non-numeric values.
  27. Resolved an issue where the newline character in text overrides was causing breakage in the application loading.
  28. Resolved an issue where selected date in the metadata editor could result in the default value missing in a calendar control when Pull Default from Metadata feature was enabled.
  29. Resolved an issue with enabled-ness in multi-line textboxes.
  30. Resolved an issue with repeating print documents using form-based start empty grids causing exceptions.
  31. Resolved an issue with form-based input grid column visibility not being represented in the preview grid of the User Interface Designer.
  32. Resolved an issue with sorting in grid columns that include hidden columns and row visibility features set.
  33. Resolved an issue with page visibility dependent on a condition when the page in question was the home page (i.e. the first page during application loading).
  34. Resolved a set of Boolean named range bindings that were not properly showing the available named ranges when using metadata overrides to define the Boolean type (e.g. page visibility, grid columns).
  35. Resolved an issue with tooltips in form-based input grids when some columns were set to not be visible.
  36. Resolved an issue with form-based grid column re-ordering, where the new order was only respected in the grid but not in the corresponding form.
  37. Resolved a scenario with date and time masked cells in grids showing a different value than in the selected control and also undoing the value if it is not completely entered.
  38. Resolved an issue where Gantt charts that were bound to a named range with no values displayed “NaN” in the chart’s labels.
  39. Resolved an issue with gauges throwing exceptions in specific scenarios.
  40. Resolved non-responsive input and output grids not being fixed when there is a horizontal scroll bar.
  41. Resolved an issue with chart properties not being reset appropriately (i.e. not showing all of the new properties) when the chart type is switched.
  42. Resolved an issue with combo charts not drawing column type if x-axis is date.
  43. Resolved an issue with label formatting for y-axis in axes charts shifting the chart to the left.
  44. Resol­ved an issue with charts that include inverted data with whitespace characters not showing up appropriately at runtime.
  45. Resolved a specific scenario with inline input grids where non-metadata formatted grids would re-validate the whole row’s value while updating a single cell.
  46. Resolved an issue with two tooltips showing up on the same input control.
  47. Resolved an issue with control images in notifications appearing much larger than intended in Internet Explorer.
  48. Resolved the float left, right, and remove icons missing from the content control when manipulating images.
  49. Resolved the text on the Edit Document Stubs page to say “Back to Documents” rather than “Back to Print Processes”.
  50. Resolved an issue with the toggle button on the Edit Document Stubs page no longer working as expected.
  51. Resolved a misspelling in the name “Collapsible” in the User Interface Designer.
  52. Resolved an issue where grid’s print button was not triggering print action in Edge browser.
  53. Resolved an issue where the grid’s print button was appending an extra page after the grid’s contents.
  54. Resolved an issue with bar charts that include animation landing below the axis bar.



  1. Updated the SpreadsheetWebUserInfo function to no longer be case-sensitive.



  1. Resolved an issue with radar chart x- and y-axis setting not affecting the rendered chart.
  2. Resolved a series of issues with multiples charts of the following types: donut, funnel, pie, pyramid, and radar.
  3. Improved the view of charts that include vertical or 45-degree labels.
  4. Resolved an issue with small radar charts overlapping their legends.
  5. Resolved a scenario where dashboards could not be loaded when they were unrestricted but the user was not authenticated.
  6. Resolved an issue with chart legend scrolling functioning differently depending on the chart’s size.
  7. Resolved an incompatibility issue with Internet Explorer that was causing dashboards to not load appropriately.


Control Panel

  1. Prevent clicking Next button during file upload in the application creation wizard.
  2. Added support for special characters when downloading all of the records from the Analytics screen.
  3. Added support for drag-and-drop row re-ordering when updating application’s data page columns.
  4. Resolved an issue on the Analytics page where a large number of users and groups could cause significant system instability.
  5. Resolved an issue while creating applications that would show the tooltip for the upload control on top off the remove button and any associated errors.
  6. Removed an old trial user creation page.