Version 6.14

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  1. Added the new SpreadsheetWeb connector, which will allow you to wire up your Designer applications against other SpreadsheetWeb web service applications. This can be used to aggregate calculations results from any number of your calculation models within a single application.
  2. Added support for dynamic super headers for input and output grids, which will be generated based on a named range and automatically pull the merged cell information for that range from the workbook to clearly and easily match the model.
  3. Using our calculation engine, newly uploaded workbooks will be processed to generate a calculation dependency tree, which will be used to default the Trigger Calculations value for all new input controls in the Designer. This should help optimize the number of requests that are sent at runtime by disabling calculations for inputs that do not include any interdependencies.
  4. Added a new page type to the Designer that will act as a link to an external site within the navigation menu.
  5. Added download and export to CSV functionality for Designer charts and maps.
  6. For custom actions, added a property to ActionAbleResponse to allow triggering one additional calculations after the IAfterCalculation has executed.




  1. Added collapsible feature to containers that have headers.
  2. Removed named range metadata retrieval during pre-preview validation to improve performance when applications include large quantities of cell metadata.
  3. Updated property names in Salesforce and HubSpot connectors to show them in a more user-friendly manner.
  4. Added input mask and parsing validation for minimum, maximum, and default values in the calendar control.
  5. Added a tip to some connector configuration pages that indicates the appropriate callback URL for the given server.
  6. Added validation to ensure all non-authorized connectors are flagged during preview and publish validation.
  7. Input grids with metadata editing now insert the pre-formatted value into the user interface before making the calculation call. This makes it clearer to the user that a value has been entered. Previously, it would go blank until the calculation response was returned.
  8. Added visual indicators when hovering over containers and rows in User Interface Designer.
  9. Added an option to delete orphaned queries (e.g. when the target application has been deleted from the Control Panel but a query is still targeting that application).
  10. Made some modifications to more explicitly hide tooltips when the mouse leaves a control.
  11. Added pre-publish validation to ensure that any table that is bound to a named range that is also bound to an input grid have matching “Has Header” properties.
  12. Automatically navigating to the first validation error when validation is triggered.
  13. Resolved an issue where backslash and other special characters in properties pages can cause errors when loading those pages.
  14. Resolved an issue where leading space character in list items affects related outputs.
  15. Visually indicating the invalid dates for selection (i.e. dates that are outside of the minimum/maximum range) for calendars and input grid date columns.
  16. Resolved an issue at runtime where start date cannot be selected on calendar controls or input grid columns with dates.
  17. Resolved an issue with bar charts using the wrong starting point.
  18. Resolved an issue with form-based input grids that start empty and bound to a one-to-many database not being allowed to add rows on subsequent transactions.
  19. Updated print process document stubs screen to include a horizontal scrollbar (to prevent grid from extending beyond the container).
  20. Resolved an issue with DocuSign connector validation being reset.
  21. Resolved a specific issue where form-based start empty input grids would not extend to the final column.
  22. Resolved some issues with popover behavior on checkbox controls.
  23. Resolved a scenario where radio buttons including leading or trailing whitespace characters were shown twice.
  24. Standardized the behavior across all connectors for managing client secrets.
  25. Resolved an issue with radio button lists not being updated appropriately by formulas.
  26. Resolved an issue with images in header and cover pages being retained rather than replaced during PDF generation.
  27. Resolved an issue related to column and bar chart label colors when smart labeling is enabled.
  28. Resolved some issues with location map label placement.
  29. Resolves a series of template CSS issues:
    1. Buttons with outline styles not working in all templates.
    2. Containers will different color styles not reflected in all templates.
  30. Resolved an issue with loading textbox properties in Internet Explorer.
  31. Resolved an issue with input mask being reset on cells when entering values quickly.
  32. Resolved a variety of issues with input grid headers:
    1. Headers becoming adjacent to grid bodies.
    2. Headers being shifted when navigation bar is on the left-hand side.
    3. Header widths not respecting pixel-based width settings.
  33. Resolved an issue when binding events to buttons when both events are of the same type and have the same name.
  34. Resolved an issue with navigation from the main page quick nav to the named range metadata editor.

Control Panel

  1. Updated the user grid to search in a non-case-sensitive manner.
  2. Resolved an issue with changing password via My Account page.
  3. Preventing hard exceptions when creating or updating users and the Gravatar service is not accessible.
  4. Resolved an issue in analytics where access to dashboard applications would show the name as N/A.


  1. Resolved an issue with the refresh functionality not being operable in smaller visual breakpoints (e.g. mobile devices).
  2. Resolved some issues with date labels overlapping and showing unclear values in the x-axis of charts.


  1. Resolved an issue that would cause memory-related exceptions in workbooks that include large invalid references.
  2. Resolved an issue with the system not properly identifying the following strings during formula evaluation:
    1. INF
    2. + (within a string)


  1. Skipping some configuration settings during installation by default when they are not necessary.
  2. Pulling the SQL server name into the dropdown from the database connection file.