Formulas with Limited Support

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This page contains a list of formulas with limited support in SpreadsheetWEB, and also includes possible workarounds.

CELL – Parameter Limitation

This function can only be used with “address”, “row”, “col” and “type” parameters. Function returns #VALUE! with other parameters. For example:



There is no workaround

CONVERT – Parameter Limitation

Some units are not supported. For example:

  • Pa – psi
  • N – lbf
  • kg – lbm


Proposed workaround is to use simple math to convert between units.

HYPERLINK – Incompatibility with other functions

Function may fail when used with other functions: For example:



Proposed workaround is separating other functions and HYPERLINK:


INDIRECT – May cause mismatches even undetectable by SSDIFF

Function results may be inaccurate. For example:

There is no specific way.


Proposed workaround is avoiding using INDIRECT

LOOKUP – Number as a [result_vector] behavior

If a number is used instead of range or array as [result_vector] parameter; SpreadsheetWEB fails. For example:



Proposed workaround is using range for [result_vector]: