Payment Methods

Changing Payment Method

To change a payment method for a subscription, go to the My Workspaces page and click on ‘Edit’ for the workspace that you want to change the payment method.

Go to the ‘Update/Cancel Subscription’ tab.

From the ‘Payment Methods’ list, you can change the active payment method by clicking on ‘Select this Payment Method.’

How to Add a New Credit Card

To add a new credit card, click on the ‘Add Credit Card’ button located on the top right side of the ‘Payment Methods’ window.

After entering the card information, click on ‘Add’. The new card will be added to your Payment Methods list.

After the card is added, a pop-up window asking If you would like to select this card as the Payment Method will be displayed. Click on the ‘Select this card’ button to change your payment method immediately or ‘Not yet’ If you do not want to change it.

How to Delete an Old Credit Card

To delete one of your saved credit cards, click on the card that you want to remove from your payment methods from the ‘Payment Methods’ list and click on ‘Delete.’

After clicking OK, the selected card will be removed from your saved Payment Methods.

How to Add Billing Adress to Invoice

To add a billing address to the invoice, choose the card that you want to add a billing address. And click on ‘Edit.’

From the opened window, check ‘I want to include my billing address for invoice purposes’ and fill in the billing address information fields.

You can also change other information for the selected card from this window.

When you are done, click on Update. The card information will be updated immediately.

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