Create a Web Service Client

You can create a web service client and generate client credentials in SpreadsheetWEB Hub‘s Web Service page.

Note: By default, free-tier users do not have access to this module.

  1. Login your SpreadsheetWeb Hub account and open Web Services
  2. Click Create New Client button.
    Web Services 01-min
  3. In the Create New Client page, give your client a friendly name. Optionally, you can add a description.
  4. Make sure to mark Enabled box if you are planning to use the client soon.
  5. Add “rights” to determine what the client can or can’t do with API. You can create multiple clients with different access rights.
  6. Click Create Client button to finish client creation.
  7. Once your client is ready, you will be navigated to the Web Services page again. Edit the client to see your client credentials.
  8. You can see and copy your client identifier directly in the Update Client page.
  9. You need to click the Reveal secret button to display the client secret.
  10. After acquiring the id and secret, you can leave the page. No need to click to Update Client unless you did not refresh the secret or make change.
You can learn more about client’s “rights” in Identity Templates page.
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