User Management

In SpreadsheetWeb Hub, there are two types of users: public users and named users.

Named Users

The number of named users allowed is determined by your SpreadsheetWeb Hub workspace type. Each user added to your workspace will count against your maximum user count, so make sure your license or subscription can handle the extra members!

User’s menu can be accessed under Users

From ‘’List’’ page you can see all existing users, edit user rights and limitations also invite new users to your workspace.

Edit Users

Existing users can be edited through the “List” page located under “Users” from the menu on the left.

To edit a user, click on ‘’Edit’’.

From the opened page you can update selected user’s workspace rights, delete, add, or change rules applied to their account, change their pre-defined Identity Template or add one.

Public Users

Public users are users that are not subscripted to SpreadsheetWeb and are allowed to access Unrestricted (or public) applications. See Applications page to learn more about applications.

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