Identity Templates

In SpreadsheetWeb Hub, you can configure Identity Templates and apply them to your users. Each template constitutes a set of rules that you may want to apply repeatedly. By creating Identity Templates, you can define a template for a group of users (roles, departments etc.…), associate them with a tag and apply that template to each user that belongs to the workspace.

Identity templates can be assigned to the users associated while inviting them to the workspace. Assigned template will be applied to the user once they register and join to the workspace. Also, identity templates can be applied or changed later either through the edit screen for that user, or through the grid on the user’s list page.

To Access the Identity Templates, click on ‘’Identity Templates’’ under ‘’Users’’

An identity template can be created by clicking on “Add New User Template” button. If there are any existing templates, they will also be listed and can be edited through this page.

Updating an Identity Template

Enter a template name, then manage workspace, application, and data rights for the template. This step will determine what content users will be able to view, access, or modify.

Applying Tag Based Rules

While setting rules, if you have created tags, you can assign application and data rights accordingly to indicate that a user can only access applications with a specific tag. When applying tag-based rules to an identity template, whether the tags should be evaluated in conjunction with one another or not can be specified. For example, if you added the rule ‘Full Access to Applications by Tag’, and selected two different tags to be evaluated conjunctively, then the application would have to have both of those tags in order for the user to have full access to the application.

identity templates

Applying Rules With “Associated With” Feature

There is also a special rule, called “Associated With”. This rule allows you to create an association between a user or an identity template, and then create rules around this association. Using ‘’Is Associated With’’ can be convenient while managing more complex groupings and mappings since it will not require you to select individual rules while creating a template. By changing the template name and the “Is Associated With” tag, you can easily clone and apply rules for different groups of users.

Updating an Identity Template

After created, identity templates can be edited and while updating the template, you can choose to apply or not to apply changes to assigned users. If you choose apply changes to users, assigned user’s workspace rights will be updated once the identity template is updated. If you choose not to apply changes to assigned users, those users will remain to have pre-defined workspace rights and changes will be applied to newly assigned users.

Cloning an Identity Template

Identity Templates can be cloned to make groupings and mappings easier since it will not require you to reselect individuals rules while creating a new new template. Click on ‘’Clone’’ button.

Now you can customize the template you chose to clone according to the new identity template you need to create.

Deleting an Identity Template

To delete an Identity Template click on delete button.

After your confirmation, the selected identity template and the applied user rules will be deleted.

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