Uploading Files to OneDrive with Make.com

This article will show you how to automate the process of uploading files via Make.com by connecting the SpreadsheetWeb Hub application with OneDrive.

Below is a Non-Disclosure Agreement created on SpreadsheetWeb Hub.

Many businesses use non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to protect confidential information. NDAs are legal contracts between two or more parties in which one party (the disclosing party) agrees to share confidential information with another party (the recipient), and the recipient agrees to keep the information confidential. Automating sending NDAs process can be extremely time-saving for many businesses.

We have already created a web application on SpreadsheetWeb that collects user data and generates a custom NDA document in PDF format. You can check our article to learn more about creating dynamic documents with SpreadsheetWeb Hub.

In this example, we will create a Scenario on Make.com to connect this application to OneDrive. Each time a new NDA document is created and saved on SpreadsheetWeb Hub, this scenario will upload the PDF file created to the recipient’s OneDrive.

The first step is to create a new Scenario. Next, click on Create a new Scenario and select SpreadsheetWeb Hub as the application.

Then, choose Get File as your trigger.

Next, create a connection with your SpreadsheetWeb Hub account. Select your workspace and the SpreadsheetWeb application that you intend to connect to. Choose PrintPDF for the database column. This is the database column where PDF documents are stored in this application.

Next, click on Add Another Module and select OneDrive.

Upload the File as the action.

Next, create a connection with the OneDrive account. Add a description, and choose a file location according to your needs.

Once you configure your scenario, you should test it to ensure everything works correctly. Click the Run once button to test your scenario.

After testing the scenario, if it is successful, you can activate it using the ON/OFF button.

When you are done, load the SpreadsheetWeb Hub application, enter a set of inputs and hit Save. When you go to your OneDrive account, you will see the PDF file has been uploaded to OneDrive. (Note: The process is asynchronous, so it may take a few minutes to appear.)


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