Data Chat

Data chat feature is similar to Application chat. Users can use data chat for a specific saved record, rather than opening chat for the entire application.

To open data chat go to the Data page and choose an application from the dropdown menu. All saved records of that application will be listed. Click on the chat icon for the record you want to open chat window.

Application & Data Chat 06

Chat window will be opened on the right side of the screen.

From the chat window users can view the record history. This makes it easier for users to view the changes and updates made to a record and track records from the moment it was created. Users can send messages and comments to each other from the chat window, file sharing is also available.  The messages sent can be edited or deleted if needed.

When a user sends a message, other users will be able to see it from their “Applications” page with a notification next to data button.

Click on the data icon will load the data page. The count of unread messages will be displayed on the chat icon of the record that the messages were sent to.

Users can read unread messages and join the conversation by clicking on the chat icon.

Application & Data Chat 11

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