Run Feature

Making calculation or formula changes in applications is a very common situation. For example, you have a pricing application in which you are updating the data, factors, or even the entire formula logic. You want to run this logic against your entire customer base to see the effect on your annual revenues. However, implementing those changes in the saved records can be time-consuming. To solve this problem, we have developed a new Run Feature. This feature is developed to update records already saved into an application’s database after changing its underlying Excel workbook. Note that this feature can be used by users with Data Run Access. You can update user access rights from the ‘Users’ page.

To use this feature;

Go to the data page and select the application from the dropdown menu.

Next, choose the records that you need to update. Click on Run button and choose Run Selected.

PS: If you need to update all records saved into the applications database you can directly click on ‘Run’ > ‘Run All’.

After clicking on ‘Run Selected/Run All’, a pop-up window asking to select the workbook version to update records accordingly will be displayed. Choose the workbook version you want to update record calculations from the dropdown list.

You can skip this step if you do not want to choose one and update saved records according to the most up-to-date workbook.

After that the Running records process will start. When it is completed click on OK. All records selected will be updated according to the selected workbook version.

The Run is a background process that may take some time to complete, especially if you have thousands of records in the database. You will receive a notification when a new Run process starts. It will include relevant information like the user who started the process, the application and the workspace name.

You will also receive a notification when the process is completed.

After updating the records, you can also see the reference related to the Run in History feature for each record. It will say that the record is updated by Run and who made this update.

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