User Invitation

Invite a New User

To invite a new user, click on ‘’Invite a New User’’ or click on ‘’Invite’’ from the main menu.

Enter the email of the person you want to add to the workspace. You can send invitations to five people at the same time. Also, a personalized message can be added while sending an invitation, and a user template can be assigned to specify the user rights while sending the invitation.

After the invitation has been sent, you can see the invited users from the “Invited Users” page, you can send the invitation again after 1 hour if it has not been accepted yet or revoke the invitation.

Invited users will receive an email. When they click on the “Accept Invitation” button, they will be redirected to the register page and can create their SpreadsheetWeb Hub account. A verification email will be sent after the account is created. After confirming their email, they can log in to their SpreadsheetWeb Hub account.

After users log in to their SpreadsheetWeb Hub account, they can view and confirm or revoke their invitation by going to the “My Invites” page located under “Workspaces” from the menu on the left.

After the user accepts the invitation, their account will be added to the invited workspace, and if they have any tags assigned when sending the invitation, the assigned tag’s rules will be applied to the user’s account.

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