Application Management

All SpreadsheetWeb applications under your account are listed in the Applications page.

You can find details about your applications, such as Tags or Modification Dates in this page, as well as management controls like Edit or Delete.

An explanation of symbols and buttons on this page are shown below:

Go to the Data page for the selected application.
View Published Application
Go to Designer.
Edit Application.
Download the Excel Model associated with the application.
View Application’s transaction history.

PS: if your application has more than 10 transactions, the system executes the removal process. The process will keep at least the last 10 transactions and will not delete transactions started in the last 30 days or transactions which a record saved with it.

Delete the Application
Open Application’s Chat


The Applications page has two views like most of the main pages in the Hub.

Card View:

You can see application in cards with their screenshots or custom images you can upload from Edit Application page.

Table View:

Application Management 01-2 - Table View


View, download and work on saved data

Click the  icon to open the Data page to view, download and work on saved data of a web application.

Changing the name of an application

To change the name of a web application, click on the button. A new page will load with current settings of your web application. Simply overwrite the existing web application name and then click Update Application at the bottom of the page.

Assign a Tag to the Application

To assign an application to specific users, it is required that you have already created a Tag. Assigning an application to specific Tag can be done while adding an application or later.

If you already have an application that you want to assign to a specific Tag, go to the Applications, then browse to the web application you wish to edit and click the button. A new page will load with current settings of your web application. Go to where it says Tags and select the tag that you want assign to your application. When you are done, click ‘’Update Application’’.

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