Account Page

From the Account page users can access to their account information, update, and delete their accounts. Account page can be accessed by Quick Navigation button or by clicking on your profile picture and selecting Account.

Account Management 01

From the opened page you can choose to view or edit different information about your profile.


From the profile tab you can change your email address, add your phone number and your first and last name. You can also upload a profile picture or change your uploaded profile picture. Any information you saved here can be changed or deleted from this page. Clicking on Save will update your profile.

Account Management 05


You can change your password from password tab by entering your current password and creating your new password. Confirm your new password and click on update password button.

Enable Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication for your profile can be enabled from this tab. Click on Add Authenticator app.

If you have an Authenticator Application on your mobile, you can use it, if you don’t you need to download one. Open the Application and scan the QR code. Enter the verification code you received to verification code field and click on verify.

Account Management 11 - MFA

Personal Data

From the personal data tab, you can download the personal data contained in your SpreadsheetWeb Hub account or delete them.

To download your personal data, click on Download.

To delete your personal data, click on delete. Confirm your password click on Delete data and close my account.

After entering your username and clicking on OK your account and personal data contained in it will be deleted.

Login Activity

From the login activity tab, you can track your account activity and actions taken for your account.

Username, IP Address, Activity Type and Date will be displayed. You can sort activities by their date also search for an activity form the search bar.

You can also filter column to find the activity you are looking for easily.

You can download your activity as a CSV file from this button, print it from this button  and copy from this button.

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