Designer Applications in SpreadsheetWEB can feature different visuals with the use of Stylesheets. Using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) code, Stylesheets will give your applications a unique style, and can also help you customize the user interface in ways the User Interface designer can’t – such as adding custom spacing between elements, or coloring specific fields. To change the style of your application, go to the Stylesheets menu in the designer interface.


Active stylesheets will be listed on this page. Click Add Stylesheet to add a new stylesheet into your application.


You can choose from existing templates in the system, or create your own, either from scratch or building on an existing code template. The Stylesheets manager currently comes with over you can choose from and each will change the UI theme substantially. Selecting a style template from the Style Template input will pull the selected style into the Stylesheet editor, where it can be modified or augmented with your own CSS.


Click Update to apply the stylesheet into your application.

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