Actions column in the Data table contains record-based operations like open, edit, download, or view history.


From this button a record can be edited, viewed, or copied.


A record can be downloaded as an Excel file.


Brings up the Record History window that gives detailed information about when the record was created/edited/accessed or switched to a different version.

Open with Original

Clicking Open with original will show a pop-up window where you can select from View with Original and Edit with Original for opening and potentially editing the selected record using the Transaction that record was originally created, or last saved with (using Edit). Opening a record using the Edit button (not the Open with original – Edit Mode) and saving it will change the version of the record to the latest published Transaction. This means that using Open with original on this record after it is saved will open it with the latest Transaction.

Open with original can potentially work in two modes which is available depending on the selected application and the user’s rights. In the View Mode, the record can be seen in the original version. Edit mode is only available for Designer applications. In Edit Mode the record can be viewed and edited in the original Transaction of the record. When a record is opened with original in Edit Mode, the application will include the original fields that exist in the original transaction. And during save data will be saved to the tables and columns that are still available in the database. This means that if a column or table is deactivated, corresponding data from the page will still be saved to the database. On the other hand, if a table or column is physically deleted the info will not persist in the database.

Delete Record

Deletes the record from the application’s database.


Open’s record’s chat.

Record Locked

If another user is working on a record the record will be locked and users will see this icon until it’s unlocked.

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