Application Migration

Application developers may need to copy a SpreadsheetWeb application from one server to another. This is a common scenario of moving an application from a development system to a test system and then to a production system. Another scenario is to create a duplicate application or create a backup.

Whether to backup, copy or migrate your SpreadsheetWeb Hub application, you can use the Import and Extract buttons from Designer Interface.

First, go to your application page and click on Go to Designer.

Click on Extract. The extracted file will be downloaded as a document with *.des extension. DES is a proprietary file format containing any information related to your SpreadsheetWeb application except for the data the users store. Data storage only applies to SpreadsheetWeb applications with a database module enabled. Other features not included in the DES file are listed below:

– Assigned Tags

– Chat History

– Images / Videos in UI Content if the servers are different

– Modified Runtime Texts

– Queries (Private Servers)

– Maximum Cell Count (Private Servers / System Admin)

With this file, you can then create a new designer application. You can upload the extracted file to create an identical application while creating a new application.

You can also use the Import button from the designer interface to overwrite the current application.

To use Import, go to your application page and click on Go to Designer and choose Import.

Upload a full image of another application extracted from this server or a separate server on top of the current application.

When the upload is complete, press the Import button to update your application.

PS: Extract and Import buttons are only available to admin-level users.

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